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  1. CUNY seems to notify of acceptances in early-mid February (from the 4th to the 13th-ish, judging by past GradCafe results)
  2. Hi, fellow Comp Lit-ers! I'm interested in the intersection between Ancient Greek tragedy (especially female tragic figures) and postcolonial literature of the African diaspora (in English, French, and Italian). I applied to six schools and am not expecting to start hearing back until early-mid February. Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  3. On a related note, does anyone have insight about whether it's acceptable to list professors from affiliated departments as SoPs? For example, if there's a professor from the French department who's affiliated with the Comparative Literature department, is it okay to name them as a professor of interest? Or is it best to stick to naming core Comp Lit faculty?
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