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  1. Hey there! My research project also draws heavily from Lacanian theory and the Slovenian school, but also verges on several other fields: French and Korean cinema, politics, etc. I think I felt the way you feel when I first applied to programmes, but as others said I don't think it's necessary that you limit your search to people with the exactly same set of interests as yours. They'll have some level of understanding and interest in psychoanalysis anyway because it has had such a strong influence over humanities in general!
  2. Hey there. That's true - after all one of my letter writers only know my work from three years ago. Hopefully it will be clear soon if I can ask my MA profs for letters. How's everyone preparing for their apps? For me, knowing that my one-year MA won't give me much time to work on apps, I started writing my new writing sample.
  3. Thanks! I should have read the immigration pages more thoroughly.
  4. I guess you are right! I'm going to Canada btw - I didn't apply to any UK courses because there's no funding at all in most cases which is appalling.
  5. So can I ignore my immigration letter from university which rated the yearly cost as tuition + $20,000? Also does anyone know why my letter says student visa not permit? I thought there was no student visa in Canada?
  6. Greetings, fellow 2018 applicants! So I've been on two cycles so far and finally got into a MA programme. I will be applying again to Phd programmes this winter. I have a question: should I reach out to my recommenders from my undergrad again for this time? Or should I tell the profs at my MA institution early on about my plans, i.e., as soon as the programme starts, and ask them for letters? I know that writing references is part of their job, but I've already asked my recommenders twice, and one of them one more time for something else, for letters. And it feels awkward to ask th
  7. Isn't it quite easy to get into one of those programmes, I mean relatively? You are paying loads of £££ so they will welcome you with open arms. The same with King's, UCL, etc. But obviously don't apply only to LSE.
  8. steve3020

    Toronto, ON

    Thanks so much for your advice, especially about housing! Which programme did you attend in York? I'm going to social and political thought. (edit: Haha just realised that I've actually messaged you a while ago asking you if you know about the spt.) If you don't mind can I ask a follow up question about the bursary thing? (Sorry I don't know much about how things work over there!) I've spoken to a couple of current Phd students there and they said the amount given through it is quite arbitrary so I shouldn't be relying on it too much for budgeting. But how much do you usually get on avera
  9. steve3020

    Toronto, ON

    Cheers! I'm not sure where I'll be living - UoT will tell me today if I am accepted, and this comes with much more $$ than York so I haven't fully decided where to live. But it's good to know that it costs you about that for food, and I think I could manage that with a part time job. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I still think that the lack of communication is quite bad. It doesn't take more than few minutes to send out a simple email to a couple of waitlisters... Good luck to you anyway - which programme are you waiting for?
  11. Is it normal that they are taking this long to respond after the 15th?? Why are they not telling me what's happening?
  12. steve3020

    Toronto, ON

    How much do I need to survive in Toronto? I was offered a place for a one year masters at York uni along with scholarship big enough to cover my rent. I will still have to get a part time job, probably for no more than 10 hours pw. Is this going to be enough to live on? The course is very intense, or so I heard, so I won't be spending much on hobbies and luxuries I guess. What do you think?
  13. Who STILL hasn't heard back? God, I thought they would let me know by now...
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