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  1. Your response of "I'm always confused when people apply to MFA programs..." implied you're being dismissive about other people's genuine inquiries. Furthermore, your "Lord, please don't go by the ranking list, just make your own list and go by that!" response implied you're discounting the fact that (whether you agreed or disagreed with the list/methodologies) how ranking actually somewhat (emphasize the 'somewhat') determines the school's credibility of producing artists/designers. It's completely fine if people are questioning about the programs they're going to attend.
  2. Maybe because they need more information about the school that aren't disclosed on the internet? I don't think you can simply looking through the students' works to fully understand the program as a whole. What about how the faculty guide you through the grad program? Or the school's philosophy? Or the interaction between students? Applicants and current students who have been lurking/members in this forum provide lots of helpful information that cannot be found by simply googling.
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