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  1. Thank you @StudentGA I will keep that in mind when I am applying. I am staggering my applications as well: Cambridge, LSE, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Durham from September - November. After January (if not accepted to 1st or 2nd choice) I will be applying to SOAS and KCL.
  2. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad Institution: Comprehensive Canadian University Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science & Legal Studies Option Undergrad GPA: 3.84/4.00 Type of Grad: I am applying for Masters Grad GPA: N/A GRE: Did not have to complete Letters of Recommendation: 2 tenured professors in Political Science department; 2 assistant professors (non-tenure track) Research Experience: 2 published journal articles & undergrad senior research project. Teaching Experience: Worked as a TA for 4 classes (4 in undergrad) Work Experience: Policy Intern at Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C, Legal Intern at a top 20 international firm, and an analyst at a Fortune 500 company. Subfield/Research Interests: IR RESULTS: Acceptances ($$ or no $$): LSE ($$), UCL ($$), St. Andrews ($$), SOAS ($$), Cambridge ($$), Edinburgh ($$) Waitlists: Rejections: Oxford Going to: Deciding between LSE, Cambridge, Edinburgh, & St. Andrews (Leaning towards LSE/Cambridge) LESSONS LEARNED: DO NOT APPLY LATE TO YOUR DREAM PROGRAM. Goodbye Oxford
  3. Hello, I am a political science undergrad student at a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a cumulative GPA of 3.78/4.00 and a major GPA of 3.91/4.00. I recently (two days ago) finished my 3rd out of 4 years of university and will be applying in September/October of 2017 with the marks I have already attained. I have work experience as a teaching and grading IR assistant at my university (going to be 8 months), as a trade policy intern at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC (4 months), as a legal intern for a prestigious international law firm (1 month), and as a Corporate Affairs intern at a Fortune 500 company (4 months). In terms of university extracurriculars I am the President of my university's pre-law society. I also have three strong letters of recommendation from my professors who specialize in IR--they attended St. Andrews, UofT, and UCambridge respectively. My dream MSc program is The London School of Economics & Political Science MSc International Relations. As an aside, it is my goal to pursue a PhD and a career in academia after completing this program. I wanted to know (from individuals who have been accepted/rejected to this program or similar) what my chances are of being accepted? I am also applying to the MSc in Conflict Studies (second choice) so an estimate of my chances for that program would be most appreciated as well. Canadian LSE MSc Minimum GPA entry requirement: 3.3/4.0 (No GRE or GMAT required) 2017/2018 MSc International Relations acceptance rate: 11.14% (101/907) 2017/2018 MSc Conflict Studies acceptance rate: 17.14% (55/321)
  4. Your experience is amazing. Your GPA is not unflattering, but it could be better. I believe that you would be able to gain acceptance to at least 2 of those programs.
  5. @CarefreeWritingsontheWall McGill and Oxford go hand-in-hand. Particularly on there MPhil International Politics course (they take in 1-2 every year and have there own scholarship within Hughes Hall !!!!). I am happy with my overall marks (most likely finish undergrad with 3.8+) but looking on LinkedIn and GPAs of 2016/2017 MPhil Oxbridge students I am simply no match (3.91 - 3.96 and co-curricular as good or better than mine). I have made it my goal to receive entry into the LSE MSc IR Politics Department and KCL's MSc IR in War Studies Department. I do not attend McGill, however, there is a track-record of 3-5 students from 2014-2017 from my undergrad program receiving entry into those aforementioned schools. One of my professors begged me to apply to his alma-matter, St. Andrews, but I heard that there Graduate IR program is not up to par. It is my ultimate goal to a receive a PhD, however, I know for a fact that I will be doing that in the United Kingdom and not in US/Canada. In the UK I am planning on receiving my MSc, working in some capacity for 1-2 years, and then applying to PhD programs (I will be able to pay home-fees by then). I have looked at MPA and MPP programs (hint: I go to school near Balsillie) but they are of no interest to me. My interests stem from dynamics of IR, not public policy degrees. In regards to statistics, all of the UK schools (MSc/MA) have for-credit modules on quantitative and qualitative research methods during the year. They are optional, but is understood to be imperative if you wish to pursue a PhD. In summary, dream path would be: LSE or KCL, MSc International Relations (9 months) Research officer/assistant (12 months) LSE/KCL/Oxbridge, PhD, Politics (3-4 years)
  6. @Comparativist Apologies. As I just finished my third year I personally do not think it is wise to know exactly what I want to do, but I definitely have a track that I am currently anticipating. My goal is to finish a MSc in International Relations and begin working in Her Majesty's Foreign Service (I am duel British/Canadian). I have lived in five countries and have always dreamed of working as a policy officer/diplomat. As a side note--if I am accepted on to the MPhil at either Oxford/Cambridge my research proposal will consist of diaspora politics and trends in political economy of Saharan states (very general). After gaining practical experience I plan on applying for a PhD. This is why I ask for all of the following. I hope that makes a little more sense @dagnabbit I am duel Canadian/British so a PhD in the UK can come with public funding. I am hoping to receive MSc funding and have been researching extensively on what can be afforded to Non-home students. My reasons for moving to the UK are personal: life-style and to be closer to family. Cheers @YYCapplicant Wow! Is that 4.0/4.0 G.P.A or 4.0/4.3 G.P.A (hello Queens student)? 4.0/4.3 would actually be lower then a 3.78/4.00 fyi. I just want to make sure that you are citing your GPA out of 4.0 not 4.3. This will give me a better idea where I personally stand. Also, congratulations on being accepted to the program! That is an incredible achievement. What are your goals post-MSc? I actually know someone whom was on that program and is now doing his PhD at Blavatnik School of Government! Cheers
  7. Hello, I am an undergraduate student in Canada and am planning on applying to UK graduate programs in International Relations in Fall (September) 2017. I wanted to ask what programs have the greatest prestige, best opportunities for careers in academia, careers in policy, and foreign service that I could receive entry into. I finished my third year with a CGPA of 3.78/4.00, have experience working in the Canadian embassy in D.C as a Trade Policy intern, worked in a Fortune 500 company, President of my university's Pre-Law Society, and was a Poli Sci instructional assistant at my university. I also have 3 solid reference letters. My top programs are: 1. The London School of Economics & Political Science - International Relations 2. University of Oxford - International Relations 3. University of Cambridge - International Relations 4. Kings College London - International Relations (War Studies Department) 5. University of Edinburgh - International Relations
  8. Hello, I wanted to ask you what your GPA was? I am also applying to LSE and IR and wanted to know if I would receive a similar result. Also: I would 1000000000% go to LSE if you were planning a career in foreign service/academia/NGO/Government
  9. I am a third year student studying in a comprehensive university in Ontario, Canada. I currently possess a GPA of 10.7/12 (roughly 3.85 or 87%). I have experience working in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C, in a Fortune 500 Mutual Fund Company, and President of my school's Student Union Pre-Law Society. It has always been my dream to move to the U.K (I am a British passport holder) and continue my PhD there in the future. That being said, I wanted to know whether I am competitive for these Masters programs: 1. MA War Studies, Kings College London 2. MSc International Relations, University of Cambridge 3. MSc International Relations, The London School of Economics & Political Science Thank you for taking the time to reply! Thank you!
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