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  1. VioletAyame

    Asian as SLP?

    Oh I see. Yes I'm aware of the problems that come with teaching and presenting in conference and such. It is harder to listen to someone with an accent I admit, but I guess in my mind there's a difference between reference for practical purposes and outright stating that you need speech therapy. Also I expect an instructor to be better so to speak on this issue than undergrads (who will also give negative reviews to "hard exams" and "strict attendance policies").
  2. Everything TakeruK said. I would also like to add that the fist few times you're "socially agressive" (at least that's what I call it in my mind) it will always be awkward and nerve-wrecking. It's not necessarily awkward to other people per se but you'll probably feel awkward yourself. And I think that's an important distiction to make. Most people don't think much of our own actions and behaviors as we do ourselves - they'll likely forget them very soon. So what we perceive is not necessarily what actually is. So don't get discouraged if you don't make friends right away with the first few in
  3. I'm on the social science side of the spectrum and I'd say the practice of contacting POIs before applying is quite common. Although we don't necessarily "belong" t a particular professor when we start, you do need to make sure there are people (people, preferably more than one) there you can work with, which I think still holds true for the critical/cultural side. In that regard, contacting POIs can help you 1. clarify your POIs' current projects and interests since the stuff on their website is not always updated in a timely manner; 2. they can refer you to other people in the program or eve
  4. Yep I seconded the advice of talking to your professors face to face, but I don't think your relationship with this particular professor is beyond repair, especially if you had valid and reasonable circumstances to not be able to follow through. You were wrong in not letting her know sooner but not necessarily in not being able to do the independent study. It might be a bit more nerve-wrecking than an email, but if you come to her office or see her at colloquium, you can make sure that you've got your points across and usually people are less likely to be curt to another person in real life th
  5. VioletAyame

    Asian as SLP?

    Wow that happened? That is indeed quite offensive. I speak with an accent too and it doesn't usually cause me much trouble. People do misunderstand me sometimes and they always ask for clarification and I'll try to find a context to put my slightly-mispronounced words in and then we'll be fine. Nobody has ever called me out on it (I sometimes make jokes about it myself since it can be a bit uncomfortable for them to keep asking me to clarify!) and I certainly would not expect an instructor to say something like that. I know it might be a problem at conference presentations, job talks and so on
  6. Well first of all, I'd say your mental health is important, so have you done anything to help with the anxiety disorder? Have you seen a specialist and/or got some therapy or medication? I think that would help with the test taking as well - and yes your V & Q scores right now need improving - so I feel like that would be killing two birds with one stone and wortk looking into. The rest of your profile looks great to me. Perhaps someone from anthropology would be more knowlegeable, but I don't think having publications as you apply for grad school is very common. Also I'm just curious,
  7. That's a bit extreme and paranoid I'm afraid. Grad school admission is already a hard game; if programs start factoring in the ranks of other schools we're applying too, very few people would ever get admitted I think I think preparing a stellar application would be best to alleviate your worries!
  8. Wow that indeed sucks. I wonder what's going this year that they cut short the app season by a whole month. We have some USC ppl here I think - maybe someone can give an explanation?
  9. Are you sure the deadline is Nov 1st? It has always been Dec 1st in my experience. You're right, Nov 1st is way too early in the season!
  10. I wanna echo the advice that you should give it a year, or at least a semester to see if your feelings improve. As someone who went away for undergrad and then again for grad school and have been in my current location for less than a month, I really understand how you're feeling. I always have a bad case of homesickness and I know how overwhelming it can be, how it can make nothing else in your life seem to matter, how big the urge to throw everything away and go home is. I also know that it's my emotions talking and thus not rational. I was upset for a month or two before this move and right
  11. You can also look at the result page and track acceptances from the programs you're interested in during the last few years. Some people also reported their GPA & GRE score when reporting acceptances, so you can get a tentative guideline out of those submissions.
  12. Classes technically started last Wednesday but we only had our first (almost) full week this week. So far everything's going fine, lots of reading but I haven't had to turn in any assignment yet. I also got started in research and everyone seems helpful and encouraging. There are so many projects going on in the department that we've been warned to pace ourselves and not spread ourselves too thin Our cohort also seems to get along - hopefully that'll last! Same for my methods class - there are books my professor recommends buying for future use once we decided on our methods but he uplo
  13. I was SO surprised to get a notification from this thread lol. Thanks beyondboundary and good luck everyone!
  14. I might be late for this but I think the best course of action is to look up faculty in each department and their research to see what lines of work they're in. If that fails, you can always email the departments directly and ask them
  15. Elise, have you moved in yet? It's pretty nice here and I'm gradually settling in. If you're here let's meet up some time! I've been in Columbus since last Wednesday. Are you still up for a meeting?
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