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  1. Hi guys, I'm a little confused whether HCI PhD programs are usually within i-Schools or Computer Science departments? I'm asking this because I've sen both but I don't know the difference.
  2. Are PhD programs in iSchools usually fully-funded (tuition waiver+monthly stipend)?
  3. I've heard it's harder to get into communication Ph.D programs compared to those of in engineering fields. Are the acceptance rates of communication Ph.D programs really much lower than engineering programs? Are comm Ph.D students are usually fully-funded(tuition waiver+stipend)?
  4. @goldenxpenguins Glad to hear that ! How did you manage to get into a PhD program without a master's degree? did you have any publication?
  5. Is it OK to apply to a communication Ph.D program in U.S. or Canada with a master's in psychology or any other non-communication degrees?
  6. Hi friends, I'm new to this forum and I want your immediate help.I'm an international student and I just finished my undergrad in C.S with two publications in the field of communication(specifically media impacts)and I have decent GPA and GRE scores.I'm planning for applying to U.S. communication graduate programs and I know some faculties whose research interest perfectly fit with mine but as I'm not from a top undergrad school in my country I'm hesitant to apply to graduate schools. So the question would be, with strong application would coming from non-top school be a problem?
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