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Applying to Ph.D programs with a master's in psychology

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Thanks! I did have a first-author manuscript under review at the time that I was applying, but I think what helped was my research experience, CV, essays, LORs, etc. Also, none of the programs that I applied to required applicants to have a Master's degree. 

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On 5/25/2020 at 12:12 PM, Hooman08 said:

@goldenxpenguins Glad to hear that !

How did you manage to get into a PhD program without a master's degree? did you have any publication?

Some graduate programs in the US don't require you to have a master's degree. There are "straight"-to-PhD programs where you get your MA on your second year after completing your thesis, then continue with the PhD program afterwards with the completion of additional courses and of course dissertation.

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