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  1. I'm sure you will be fine! Let me know if you have any questions about U-M's application process
  2. Hi! Looking at your school list from a few posts ago, I noticed that you have the University of Michigan on it. I got accepted into their Dev Psych program earlier this year with much lower GRE scores than yours so I definitely don't think you'll be screened out (at least not at that program). However, I'm not sure if you should retake for the rest of the programs you want to apply to. If you haven't done so already, maybe check to see if the program websites have the GRE averages of admitted students to gauge whether you should send in your scores.
  3. Hi! When I applied for programs last year, I waited two weeks before sending a follow-up email. One tip that I have is to send the follow-up email in the same thread that you sent your initial email so that the PI can see that you tried to reach out before. Here is the follow-up email template that I used: Dear Dr. [PI's last name], I am following up regarding an email that I sent about two weeks ago. I realize that your schedule is probably very busy, but would greatly appreciate any information that you can provide in relation to my following question. I hope to apply to the [prog
  4. Hi! I just applied for dev psych programs this past application cycle, so don't hesitate to use me as a resource 😊.
  5. Thanks! I did have a first-author manuscript under review at the time that I was applying, but I think what helped was my research experience, CV, essays, LORs, etc. Also, none of the programs that I applied to required applicants to have a Master's degree.
  6. I have a B.S. in Psychology and will be starting a Communication PhD in the Fall, so it is definitely okay to apply!
  7. HM: E/E E/E E/VG Post-bacc student; Interdisciplinary (Developmental Psychology and Communications) I received really positive reviews that I wasn't expecting, looking forward to applying again!
  8. Visits really do help you see both what you want in a program and what you definitely don't want. Although I didn't get to visit the program I will be attending because of COVID-19, I still think it's the best fit for me after talking to my POIs and grad students!
  9. Hi everyone, I hope that you are all doing well! I feel like I've learned so much from this past application cycle and wanted to share it just in case those applying next year (or beyond) can find it useful. Everyone who has commented on this post has made some great points that I will be echoing in my own post, so I hope that's okay! 1. A low GRE score will NOT always lead to the rejection of your application. Now let me preface this by saying that I applied to a mix of programs (i.e., Developmental Psychology, Human Development, and Communications) with a low GRE score (149 V/148 Q) an
  10. University of Michigan, Communication and Media PhD (with a focus in Media Psychology). Technically not a Psychology program, but close enough!
  11. First time applying and I got honorable mention, I'll take it!
  12. Good luck everyone! I applied as a post-bacc student with an interdisciplinary proposal in Developmental Psychology and Communications.
  13. Thanks for the info! The person was actually referring to having an informal chat with their POI. I figured this was the case since I know the program doesn't do formal interviews, but I wanted to be sure.
  14. @cupidcello and @emotional I would also like to join the rejected from Cornell party 😂.
  15. For the person who asked about Northwestern's HDSP program on the results page, I received my interview invite email from the program assistant.
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