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  1. If the Vanderbilt poster sees this - could you DM your PI? I applied to the Cog program but my PI is also in Developmental and I haven't heard anything🙃
  2. anyone heard anything similar about when Boulder may be meeting? thanks!
  3. Yes I did! They ended up moving it to just the 8th so I think they were trying to figure out some last minute details. Were you at the interview? I'm applying to SP!
  4. So I just had my first interview day today, and I really saw a variety of everything. For the group sessions, it was a combination of pretty much every program in the department except for Clinical and I saw women with blazers, sweaters, cardigans, and nice blouses, and men with anything from hoodies to suits (at least one of the faculty was even in a hoodie!). One piece of attire really didn't differ from another since we only saw such a small part, I really only think I noticed at all because I was looking so hard. I would say just look put together and wear something you feel like you can b
  5. Hey guys! Now that invites are starting to roll in, I'm wondering what everyone is thinking about wearing for Zoom interviews? I'm personally thinking about non-clinical track programs (as I have heard in the past those tend to be a little more formal), and female since our dress code interpretations can vary so so much! Do we think a nice cardigan/white shirt is nice enough since we will really only be seen chest up? Thanks all!
  6. Is anyone else interviewing for Ohio State this week? I received an email last Tuesday with a formal interview invite saying interviews would take place Jan 7th and 8th with a schedule to come "within the week". I RSVP'd but have yet to receive any sort of schedule/Zoom invites and it is officially a week later (and 5pm in Columbus...) getting nervous they forgot about me lol
  7. well I take that back...looks like a lot of different interview dates maybe it was NGP as well..... *internal screaming*
  8. I'm wondering this too! It looks like the only invites that have been posted have been for IGP not NGP. I applied NGP...hoping that makes a difference for when the invites will be sent out😬 (For the record, I also applied to their Cog Neuro track under the Psych PhD (same PI), and I haven't heard of anyone hearing back about that program either - holding out hope for both lol)
  9. School: Georgia State University (Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience track) Type: PhD Date of invite: December 18 Type of invite: E-mail invite from department chair Interview date(s): Week of January 25-29 sounds pretty flexible but they want everyone to attend the orientation session on the 25th, and then meet with at least three faculty, a session with current students, and a tour of the neuroimaging center during that week. So excited!
  10. I just had my first preliminary interview for Ohio State! If anyone else applied, my PI said they should be sending out formal interview invites within the next week for the second week in January (exact date not specified), and that the department requires them to have their final decisions submitted by Martin Luther King Day😬 Wish every department moved this fast lol
  11. Yay! I'm so excited this thread was made so I can stop creeping around in the clinical threads lol School: University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Cognitive and Developmental Science track of their Experimental program) Type: PhD Date of invite: December 4th Type of invite: E-mail invite from PI I listed as my top choice Interview date(s): January 29th (tentative, subject to change as they are in the planning stages)
  12. I agree with @pomegranateleaves! I did a few informal Zoom interviews before applying just so PI's could put a face with a name when it came time to reviewing my apps. Most of these were super casual, just trying to get an idea of my experiences and what I want to do with those as a doctoral student. The PI's also told me about their upcoming projects (which was super helpful in ascertaining if their research is still going in a direction you want to pursue). A good question to ask is the role of a grad student when they first join the lab (do they jump right in to their own project, begin wor
  13. Hi everyone! I applied to a mixture of cognitive and developmental programs! Did anyone else apply to UT Knoxville? I applied to their Experimental program but all of my potential PI's were members of the Cognitive and Developmental Sciences track. I got invited to the virtual interview day via email from my first choice PI and I'm super excited!! But also nervous😬 Can't decide if virtual interview will be less nerve wracking or more....
  14. Hi everyone! Before anyone panics I did not apply to clinical programs!! I just got an email from a PI with an interview invite! He gave me a date for the virtual interview but said it was still in subject to change since they are in the planning stages. What is everyone's general consensus about interview this year? I know in the past people have said to wait before confirming an invite in case your top program interview is the same day. With the interviews being virtual this year, is it possible to do two (or more) on the same day? Thanks guys, and sorry to post here, but I didn't
  15. oh lawd anxiety returned (kinda kidding since I didn't apply there but...lemme go check all my apps lol)
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