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  1. Just thought I'd shake this thread awake. Defended the dissertation yesterday. PhD done and dusted. Hope you are all well.
  2. If anyone is visiting UMich this upcoming weekend, feel free to drop me a pm if you have any questions
  3. End of January for some schools. UMich notified 1/24 this year...a date I'll never forget. Relax everyone, you've done what's been asked of you...enjoy the holidays and BREATHE...it'll be fine
  4. I'm @ UMich...drop me a pm if you have any questions about the program
  5. App deadlines are in Dec. generally. You will need RECs (3 or so) good form dictates that you give your writers at least a month to write them...then YOU need to write SOPs and Personal Statements for each one (making changes to make each specific to the school) organising transcripts and GRE scores to be sent to each school. Given all of the to-dos and not wanting to scare you I would think that Labour Day would be a great date to aim for. This would leave you with August to look at Depts, make contact with POIs etc (if necessary) and finalise your list. It would be ideal if you knew them b
  6. For any number of reasons, both professional and academic, I've spent way too much time thinking and reading about just this. There's a huge current debate about it and personally; because I believe that scholarship has a place in the public discussion and thought I intend to do it. I see the benefits as two fold - writing practice for those days when my writing schedule allows and more significantly, a forum for feedback for my scholarship. As a practiced blogger, I would suggest that you focus your blog on your area of interest, remember to engage with your audience and work dili
  7. Me too. And with France playing Nigeria next...it's all good for Les Bleus till the 1/4 final. Oh, and well done USA, Costa Rica and Mexico - CONCACAF is doing remarkably well
  8. My first day is September 2 and I kick off my PhD with 2 hours of Stats
  9. I'm liking Belgium to get out of the group, along with Russia...Belgium are a talented and young team
  10. I agree, but France is my sentimental favourite...I've been a fan since childhood. PLUS Given their recent cycle of peaks and troughs, this year is a peak so....fingers crossed - VIVE LE FRANCE!
  11. It would take Spain winning both a draw with Chile bids them bye bye and for Portugal a draw with USA puts US through...
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