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  1. Woah, I didn't realize that we had to get confirmation for every semester. I'd assumed every academic year. Stringent! Understandable though, when they are distributing so much money.
  2. Ah right, thanks for your response. I had just wondered if it was possible to receive the first payment prior to your first term in the programme, e.g. if your programme is ideally 3 years long but the award's tenable for longer. I don't think it is possible though.
  3. mistralesque, did you request a May start date because your programme starts over the summer?
  4. There are certain people I know who use Facebook to whinge CONSTANTLY about school matters. (Or share stuff related to the subject they're studying / articles about higher ed, but that's another matter.) The worst culprits I know are not grad students though, but mature students who are addicted to social media and new to academia. They use Fb to ask questions when they should be consulting their TA or looking up the answer for themselves (e.g. 'how do I cite this article correctly?'). And they also complain about their own procrastination habits. I don't mind people discussing their work
  5. The letter made it to the west coast! Category C, 16.5/20.
  6. I applied to one PhD programme in Canada (Toronto), two in the US (Virginia, Chicago), and two DPhil programmes in the UK (Oxford, Edinburgh). Although I'm a British citizen, I knew I'd be categorized as an international student and have to pay expensive fees. So I applied for several scholarships too, hoping that something would work out. Luckily it did! I was successful in my applications to both Oxford and Edinburgh, and Edinburgh offered me 3 years' funding sufficient for international fees + a living stipend, so I'm going there :-)
  7. Bizarre! Yeah, I'd be tempted to take that as a good sign too. Even if it is a good sign, it's still a very strange thing for them to do. But then, y'know, they're SSHRC.
  8. The latter, I think. The waiting list must be the 'reserve list' they mentioned over email. I've decided not to wait, and to take up a funded place at another university. Congratulations to the recipients, and good luck to others on the reserve list!
  9. Clarendon website says: "The majority of successful candidates have now been sent an offer letter by email."
  10. Humanities student here! When I was accepted, they told me I was on the reserve list for the Clarendon. Haven't heard anything since then.
  11. To my mind, it's a lot of money for a living stipend. However, I suppose it depends on your lifestyle, how many trips you're making to London, etc. I was speaking to a prof whose past student went to Oxford with Clarendon funding. According to her, the student had enough money to travel around Europe during her degree. So you shouldn't have to pinch your pennies.
  12. (Whoops, should be 2014 in the subject, not 2013-14.) Thanks for your input! Perhaps 'reserve list' is their way of saying 'you're shortlisted' -- who knows.
  13. I've been offered a place at Oxford to do a DPhil in English. In my acceptance letter, I was told that I'm 'on the reserve list' for the Clarendon. I assumed this means, 'we've already offered Clarendon to our top choices, and if any of those people turn us down, you might get a look-in.' I suppose it's possible that they haven't made the decisions yet -- but if that were the case, wouldn't they just say that? ... On the other hand, after a quick look at the Results Search on gradcafe, I don't see anyone announcing that they have a Clarendon. Coincidence, or have the decisions not bee
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