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  1. That's exactly what I figured, but I have also called BS on some smaller conferences that in the end I knew people who went to. So I'm now overly cautious about how overly cautious I am
  2. Just wanted to make sure that I wasn't being overly cynical in disregarding a series of invited to present at this conference (http://www.bitcongress.com/analytix2017/default.asp) The email to me seems spammy but maybe its a language barrier? " Dear Dr. X, I apologize for the inconvenience if the letter disturbed you more than once. I'm writing to follow-up my last invitation as below, would you please give me a tentative reply? Thank you. We are proud to launch the 5th Annual Conference of AnalytiX-2017 (AnalytiX-2017), will take place March 22-24, 2017,
  3. Thanks for the update bio, I am still waiting for official notification. My host was notified and submitted my acceptance maybe a month ago almost, but still no word on my end. I only found out because I had to push back my start date. Waiting for official word is somehow more brutal than waiting with no word. Good luck to all!
  4. I still haven't gotten official notice from Japan either, only the unofficial word a few weeks back.
  5. I also received an email yesterday from NSF stating my application would be forwarded to the partner organization (Japan).
  6. Also still waiting. It's brutal! Anyone who is still waiting on GROW planning to travel regardless - with EAPSI or otherwise?
  7. I received an HM as an undergrad and was awarded as a first year. My first set of reviews were VG/VG VG/E VG/E and the second year were VG/VG E/E E/E. I only had positive reviews my first year including two reviewers which said that I deserved to be awarded - in fact they were much more glow-y than the year I was awarded. But in the end I decided to completely toss my first application and start from scratch. For one thing I figured even if I didn't win I would have learned a tremendous amount about a brand new project as well as the art of writing applications (which is never ending in grad s
  8. I took a medical withdrawal in my undergrad (early on) and it was not an issue when I applied to grad schools. I didn't bring it up and neither did my PIs. It seemed like a complete non-issue.
  9. Mine also still says pending. And my email did not get sent to the spam folder. But it did sound like offers were going to roll out over several weeks.
  10. Got a tentative offer for Japan at 3pm!
  11. My status has also changed from external review to pending. And just checking my stomach was in my throat even though I knew that it wouldn't be posted there before they emailed us. It's like the NSF GRFP all over again - not for the faint of heart!
  12. Mine says peer review on 02/01/16 - so I second the idea that this might be variable by subject. I am in the Geosciences btw.
  13. Also waiting on Japan. While last year they notified at the end of Jan., it looks like the year before it was closer to Valentine's Day, so I am trying not to make myself crazy. (Failing but trying). Good luck everyone!
  14. I have ALL the questions CRJ. But first and foremost - what did you do about being awarded both awards? Did you decline one or accept both? How did you work that out logistically?
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