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  1. Found out about this today, taking place at UPenn. They give you $1000, and room and board for 10 days - a pretty lucrative gig! And a great networking opportunity for folks studying inequality and social justice. I compiled data on the fellowship here. Anyone applying? Unfortunately it's Pre-Diss only so I cannot.
  2. TheFlyingScholar

    DAAD Graduate Study Scholarship 2014-2015

    Have you guys seen the DAAD poetry jam? It's a bit silly, but will provide r/t airfare to Germany in exchange for the "best" one minute rap. Perhaps of interest to some of you Germanophiles!
  3. TheFlyingScholar

    FAFSA for funded programs?

    You can submit or revise a FAFSA later in the year, though. During my first year of PhD I took out a $5,000 Perkins loan at 0% on top of my stipend a couple months into first semester. It's still in a bank account as my emergency fund, earning a small amount of interest. While Stafford loans are no longer subsidized, if you qualify for the Perkins it is both harmless and financially wise. You just need the discipline to avoid spending it!
  4. Hi All, Just stumbled across the STS Summer School: Science and Governance at the Frontiers of Life. Being a topic near and dear to my heart, I will certainly be applying. Especially since Boston is one of my favorite cities! I'd love to spend a week there this summer. Anyone else applying? I can't find anything to indicate it's an annual thing, so I think this is the first (or only) one. Deadline is April 4th.
  5. Hi All, I'm an NSF fellow, and they spam my inbox once in awhile. That said, the recent thing they sent is fantastic: a six day (June 1st to 6th) all-expenses paid trip to Hungary to participate in a High Performance Computing Workshop. And it's open to everyone, not just GRF's! I've collated information about the grant and put up a posted about it. Looks like you can extend the trip or bring a friend or spouse along if you're able to pay the difference! I don't think I can apply, but looks great for those who can!
  6. HI Bullet Cat, I realized after reading your post that there isn't really an optimized list of the options. I'm putting together one now; currently I have the "General" fellowships, but I'm going to start on field specific ones as well. Once I'm done I'm going to make a walk through and application guide for each. Meanwhile, here is a list for your friend to start with.
  7. TheFlyingScholar

    Filing taxes - Fellowship

    My school does not provide any sort of official document, just a year-end summary with the total fellowship disbursed. Don't hold your breath waiting for anything! Re: tips, FreeFile should be straightforward if it's your only source of income, though make you sure you know when to use a credit card.
  8. TheFlyingScholar

    Funding for US Students Studying in the UK?

    Hi Kamisha. You are likely too late in the cycle to apply for any fellowship-style support for 2014-2015. Are you going from an MA to a PhD program? If so, I found a couple things in my database which might be of use based on your disciplinary affiliation. Ruth Landes Grants (rolling admission, $10,000-60,000), fund anthropological projects The Graham Foundation Carter Manny Award (March 15th, $15,000) funds art and humanities scholars, are requires an emphasis on architecture that your film may or may not have. Good luck!
  9. I applied for the NSF GROW this year (as I'm sure several other of you fine souls did). They were supposed to alert in Early April, but still nothing. Calling has revealed nothing but voice mails. Anyone have their finger on the pulse of what's happening? Or when we can expect to know? For those unfamiliar with the GROW, it's a new international research opportunity for NSF Graduate Research Fellows. http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=504876

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