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  1. Cool, I'll also be joining the Biological Sciences department! Where did you receive information about putting down a deposit for grad housing? I accepted the offer from Chicago a month ago, but haven't received any official information from the university (aside from emails from my program).
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply! I've actually already done that, and there are 4 faculty members that do work that is closely aligned with my interests. They regularly publish in high-ranking journals as well. I was asking more to get a general sense of how the university is perceived. Other schools that I'm considering are much more well-known in Europe, which is why I asked for opinions here. Decisions are difficult!
  3. Does the University of Chicago have a strong reputation for biological sciences specifically? I know that it's great for economics and law, but I've received mixed feedback about biology. I'm an international student trying to decide between options for masters programs. Any input is appreciated!
  4. Hello! I have an interview at my top choice graduate program next week. I can't decide whether or not to send an updated resume. Since submitting my application, I've had 3 poster abstracts (1 first author) accepted (I listed them as "submitted" in my application) and 1 more 2nd-author abstract submitted to a big international conference. Are these updates worth sending the program a new CV? Thanks in advance for your input! P.S. this is for a skype interview, not an in-person interview.
  5. Hello! I have a question about CV formatting that Google hasn't helped to answer. I have been working at a lab for almost 2 years, and during this time I have been involved in several research projects. Some of the projects are carried out solely by my lab, and some are done in collaboration with other labs. The collaborative projects are on entirely different topics than the main focus of my lab. How should I note this on my CV? I listed my dates of employment at the lab, my supervisor's name and bullets of my main responsibilities without differentiating the different projects. Does anyone have any insight on how this should be done? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Anyone else applying for the DAAD study scholarship for next fall? I've been working on my study proposal, and I noticed that the prompt asks to explain why a specific program has been chosen. However, on the application itself, there is an option to list more than one program. Is it expected that we explain why every program, including the alternates, has been chosen?
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