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  1. Penn GSE

    I heard back pretty soon. Or, sooner than I expected! My application was marked "ready for review" on 1/15 and I was admitted on 2/10. The waiting game is hard. If it were me, I might call and ask...
  2. penn fels

    Got a call from Fels earlier today with great news. FWIW, the admissions representative mentioned that all decisions would be released online tomorrow.
  3. Penn Fels MPA 2017

    @caitiroth Awesome - good luck!! I'm interested in the MPA/M.S. Ed with GSE. I was admitted to GSE's program last month, so now just waiting on Fels. Thanks for the heads up about the other thread and for replying to this one!
  4. Add A Word

    One year a long time ago, there were penguins who didn't wear hats when swimming. This made their mothers livid. "Unacceptable!" Frightened, they screamed, "Bears!" Nobody seemed convinced so instead of going swimming they tried juggling. Their mothers tried everything they thought would teach her a skill. However, she couldn't even make oatmeal without disastrous results. So, the penguins gathered money (obviously) trying to purchase a bear. Towering over them, a grizzly beast danced, devouring all bears with such ferocity that even God enjoyed it. Afterwards, God congratulated the penguins and applauded them. "You did it!" Suddenly, the grizzly beast started dancing vigorously. There was an acromantula nearby. It challenged the preconception that magical mushrooms were magical. Sparkling, the magical mushrooms were spreading throughout town. Nobody with pyromania thought grilled cheese would spontaneously erupt into nine identical squirrels! Nevertheless, the penguins elucidated the benefits of sparkling water from Iceland. Suddenly, Iceland exclaimed, "Enough!!! No more penguins. Kill all of the arcades on Monday because King Arthur suffered from sphenisciphobia." Tragically, everyone forgot lasers cure bug madness, meaning none of them stripped the violet beast of his powerful jaw bones. So while some arms spouted Kool-aid, others chopped nuts. This phenomenon halted commerce. Together twenty-five yellow dragons danced sporadically inebriating all anger gods, while academics drank champagne profusely. Who were they? Snotty undergrads eating free Tetrahydrocannabinol Chlorate. Homicidal kittens emerged from congressional hearings purring rhythmic improvised melodies, infuriating the associate professors who stripped them intermittently of all credentials. The incredulous kittens meowed like dragons farts. Except Bruno, who mewed like tinkling bells. Understandably, one chicken farted. Then, surreptitiously, two giraffes killed the conspicuous dragon. Audaciously, someone belched "RAWR!" Startled, four punks flew down from the Appalachian, a bit wide-eyed, and jumped into a brobdingnagian beam of protons, flipping fingers zestfully. Meanwhile, the paladins prophylactically committed themselves to diabolical plots. Therefore, lemonade became the de jure punishment for audacious acts. Worms squirmed and dug tunnels into Harvard where walruses prepared rejection letters and danced joyfully. They pressed
  5. Penn GSE

    I was admitted to the Ed. Policy M.S.Ed program in early February, same amount of funding. Congrats to you all!
  6. Penn Fels MPA 2017

    Thought I'd start a thread for other Fels applicants out there anxiously waiting. I think decisions are set to be released next week (!!!), based on results from previous years. Is anyone else considering one of the dual programs?