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  1. Of course the American Dream is over. Instead, you have people (like posters above) who want to believe that meritocracy/their work and what they've been able to accomplish is that "dream" while the rewards for the work have objectively diminished over the last 50 years. There's nothing wrong with reframing it as "my American Dream" but realize that when you do this you are 1) managing your personal self image (normal psychological response) and 2) managing your perceived and projected social class (moral capital management- how worthy others view you and how you want to be viewed). Just look
  2. If you end up applying to programs next year, at WSU, Kmec has been known to chair committees for students doing historical/document analysis type research (or, at least, I know of one student who recently graduated). Otherwise I seriously suggest you consider a PhD in Anthropology. They share a lot of theory with Sociology, but you'll find far more emphasis on history, context, and culture-- and huge emphasis and excellent training in qualitative methods (multiple courses likely offered and field schools to practice before its your thesis or dissertation on the line). I have grad degrees in b
  3. THS


    Washington State University will not be recruiting a new cohort. Internal e-mail confirmed this morning. There is a statement on the WSU Sociology homepage, but the prospective student webpage has not been updated (and it is unclear if it will be updated as a lot of the department's web presence is out of date).
  4. I know that the pandemic has really messed things up for a lot of you. Your dream program might have cancelled admissions this year or you are looking at an even more competitive market because there will be fewer programs accepting students. This might mean that you choose to take this year off and wait to apply next year OR that you want improve your skills and increase your chances of success in a program. I am writing this post to suggest skills you can develop on your own, without being in a program, but that will make your life better when you get there if you learn them beforehand. The
  5. THS


    It looks like some programs will still admit students, but that this cycle will be highly competitive due to an even smaller number of spots. Just wanted to share. Not sure what my own program is doing, if they are reducing the cohort size or skipping a year- either way I'll post it to this board when they announce. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2020/06/01/some-departments-plan-suspending-or-limiting-graduate-cohorts-year-or-longer-free
  6. Just realized you posted in two places and I already replied once
  7. I made this switch and it has been fine. I would advise brushing up on your statistics, you'll need to be able to use quant methods if you want to make the switch work. That will actually be a benefit to you in your new program because you'll be one of the few of your peers who is actually trained in both (I found the qual training to be pathetic compared to what we get in anth which made me glad I did my MA there first)... I do qualitative (method for my dissertation) and survey (work for a center at my university) primarily now that I am in my dissertation phase- but I have been an RA doing
  8. I wish I had a better answer to this but I'd say both but I am not sure. I am in a combo program but came in with an MA. My program goes back and forth for whether it prefers to admit BAs or MAs (basically it seems like it depends on whether the department head thinks we need more TAs or ppl to teach classes as crappy as that is). At any rate my personal experience was that my not stellar GPA but decent GRE was why I had to do an MA prior to applying to a PhD program (that's actually what the rejection from the combined MA/PhD program I applied to told me right out of undergrad). So I had to d
  9. It won't hurt you in the process, but lean into the sociology courses you took and why those were important. Sociology is more territorial than anthropology department are so that's why you want to focus on why you want to be a Sociologist. Having studied both you'll know they are very similar- share theorists even- so it is weird that they are this way, but Soc especially is. Best of luck in your applications!! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!
  10. Hi I hope you are still checking this sometimes- I can see it is from awhile back. I did my MA in cultural anthropology and am working on my PhD in Sociology so I know a bit about both fields. 1) The first is that it might be harder to come from industry straight into a PhD program, especially if you haven't been doing research in your industry or aren't working in an area related to what you would want to study. If this sounds like you then I would highly recommend applying to a terminal masters program first-- in either field. There are some that will pay you to TA and cover your
  11. I am not blind to the problems that can come up as an instructor of record, I've dealt with some already. I think the difference is that in my own classroom I can at least make sure racial slurs and hate speech aren't used. That might be a small thing, but when you TA for another person that's the kind of thing you can only do if they let you (or at least that's what I've realized this term- I can't imagine anyone else I've ever been a TA for allowing this). Also suggesting that finding a POC in an other department suggests that every POC faculty member is going to be open to supporting/
  12. We do not have a single POC in our faculty. I know that might be shocking for a Sociology department, but it is in Eastern PNW and I think attracting people to the area is difficult in general. This does, however, mean that I have absolutely nowhere to turn for help. I have watched other POC grad students in similar situations try the OEO, Umbuds, the department Chair, and even their own advisors with no positive outcomes for the grad students. In fact I've watched the department run 3 POC students out of the department and it is only my third year (did my MA elsewhere). This is why I sa
  13. It depends on your subfield and the area of theory you intend to draw upon. Each will have its own set of critical texts and as you specialize those will be far more important than being able to recite a classic.
  14. Thanks. I know you are right- I am simply having a hard time knowing that I now cannot at the very least reduce offensive language they are using given the number of Hispanic students in the class who are exposed to it...I know what it is like to go to school and be confronted by racial slurs and have professors do nothing. I think that’s the only reason the professor’s decision to just not have me talk to students at all is killing me since she does not reply to their posts. I handled my reply e-mail to the professor and my outward attitude about it just as you said- professionalism first. As
  15. Hi all! I am a PhD student in the Social Sciences. I am a very experienced GTA as both a TA role and an instructor role. I've taught independently 7 times and TA'd 5 times (2 of those I had independent recitations). I've never had any issues or problems-I've only gotten good reviews previously from both students and profs I've worked for but this term doesn't feel like its going so well. This term I was assigned to TA and it has been super weird. The prof isn't giving tests or papers- just using TopHat for some in class assignments and Perusall for readings. All I have to do is mak
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