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  1. anyone else has thoughts on this?
  2. That doesn't seem fair. If I had an older parent or parent of a young child, surely the department would ask me to confirm availability?
  3. I was assigned a TAship with a clash with one of the main courses I wanted to take next semester. Before this, I wasn't consulted or asked if the time suited me especially since it's early morning before 8 am class. Others have gotten better sections that start at more reasonable times and they also get to have courses where they only have to grade and not teach sections. I sent an email to the curriculum committee to ask for a section change for my TA and cc-ed my advisor with a sentence that ended like this: "In the future, I will appreciate if I am asked before assignment. This
  4. reading this thread now is so depressing. There's lots of posters here encouraging exploitation where inspite of the OP saying the assignments are unfair and one group is systematically working more than the other, he is being told to be quiet and hush up
  5. Anthony2016


    Are you given choice when deciding a TAship?
  6. I have someone who wanted to know how many of you have received fellowships?
  7. Actually, I don't like the idea of being taken advantage of in these situations but I also want to maintain a friendly relation with my housemate. I am listening to all these responses and realising my expectations were unrealistic.
  8. I think the PhD is taking up most of my time and that also makes it hard to do other things which I would love to do. I also love to travel but it hasn't been easy in the recent months. Though once the lockdown eases up, I hope things get better and I can make my own circle of friends
  9. Yeah I tried counselling. It was okay but not too effective for me in the first few sessions. I agree, the age gap is big and that may also be the issue here
  10. Yes, my expectation are high when I invest time on them and want them to commit the same effort and time on me as well. But this does not seem sustainable, that makes sense..I am trying to balance and not go overboard in my kindness because my expectations build up after that
  11. Yeah when she's busy, she usually doesn't interact much. I am going to let her be now and stop extending the invites. Because it's annoying when someone I spent a lot of time helping is now wanting to spend time away. Thanks for the perspective
  12. That does sound frustrating. I wouldv'e flipped! Your suggestion makes a lot of sense to me but living alone is costly. I guess a few dirty dishes is alright if I don't have to pay the extra $$ to have a completely separate place.
  13. It affects my PhD because we are in a small town so if I don't get along with my housemate, it is more isolating
  14. By that I meant inviting guests without informing and often leaving dirty dishes and not doing the weekly duties. As I write it down, it sounds trivial but not considering the idea was to get a housemate who will supportive. I am a renter as well but I have been here longer and have taken care of the house.
  15. Hi, this year I spent some time trying to find a housemate that I will get along with really well and invested a lot of time helping her adjust to the new city and settle in. In a few weeks, she started going out with other friends and people from her community and started cutting contact with me. We continued to talk on and off but now during the shutdown, things have gotten worse because as soon as we get comfortable again, she either does not include me in her plans or she does something that we have agreed on not to do. I have decided to ask her to move so I can get someone who is going to
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