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  1. I got HM this year. My reviews were mostly positive (E/E, VG/E, VG/G) but one reviewer mentioned that my outreach plan should be more specific. I'm applying next year as a 2nd year grad student. What did YOU do to improve your app? It doesn't have to be related to BI. I just want to know what people did to increase their chance (or luck). I would appreciate what you did to boost your app.
  2. hummm

    NSF GRFP 2016

    FYI... not sure if this is applicable to this year since this post is pretty old, but gives us some idea how the scoring works. Either next Tuesday or Friday we'll be free from this state of uncertainty!!
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t0dfyrr5l2k9wn1/Frequently%20Asked%20Questions_2014.pdf According to this source that I found in UMD clinical psychology website, the interview will be held in late Feb or early March. Hopefully this means that they haven't started with the reviewing process yet.
  4. Did Univ of MD-College Park (looking at your signature) sent out the invitation already? How did you find out?
  5. I saw that some people got an invite from Arizona State University - Clinical Psychology program. Was it a program-wide official invitation or a personal/informal message from POI that the official invitation will be sent out soon?
  6. I've invited to in-person interviews from two schools on the same week. School A will have a dinner on Thurs & interview on Fri. The school B will have a dinner on Fri & interview on Sat. For the school B, I need to let my POI know that I will be attending the interview. School A interview ends 5pm, and I need to take a flight to attend school B's interview, so there is no way that I can make it to the dinner at school B. I am going to be honest with the POI at school B, but I'm afraid that I might give the POI a bad impression. Any suggestion on how I should deal with this issue?
  7. I know it is way early to start thinking about this, but does anyone have a plan to gift their recommenders after all the process is over? I'm thinking of a hand-written card with a small gift.
  8. I got an on-campus interview invite today. The official invitation letter (which I received over an email) did not say if the transportation is going to be covered. If they don't say it in their email, does that mean that they are not covering the transportation cost?
  9. Hello all, I was contacted by POI this afternoon to schedule a phone interview, which will be held tomorrow evening. This is nerve wracking as I don't have much time to prepare for it. Any idea what kind of questions I should ask at this stage?
  10. Thanks AvatarPsych! I'm wondering how long it would take to get an interview offer? When is the offer usually made?
  11. Thanks everyone! For those who have communicated with POIs, how did you guys continue email back and forth? As of now, I got 2 replies (with one saying that he is unsure if he will take grad studnet next year) out of 8-9 POIs that I emailed to. On my first email, I asked them a direction of their research and whether they are taking any students next year. I don't know how to continue communication with the one who is planning to take a grad student.. any suggestions?
  12. KW58D, thank you for your reply! I'm curious about how long did they take to get in touch with you? Did you follow up with them before you get a reply? Good luck to you too!
  13. Hello everyone, I thought it would be helpful to have one thread designated to clinical psyc applicants. I'm in the process of contacting POIs, and still compiling/narrowing down my school list. I have 5 definite schools that I will apply to, but I'll be applying about 12-15 schools. I'm curious where everyone is at in their process at the moment. Few questions for my fellow clinical psycapplicants: (1) When contacting POIs, do you ask anything other than whether they are accepting grad students next year? (2) For those who have contacted POIs already, have you guys had any luck spe
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