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  1. My frustration isn't with whether or not they have the power, it's with administration staff abusing their power.
  2. Social relations are a part of every job and every aspect of life. The only other option is to live in a hole or on a secluded island.
  3. Nothing irritates me more than administration folk who think they have some kind of upper hand over academics.
  4. I think it's funny calling people Dr. so and so. I've always called them by their first names.
  5. I also agree Evernote is really cool and useful. Oh and Dropbox.
  6. lol you guys really let this online stuff get to you eh?
  7. Im clearly a man, since I dont want to hear anyone's opinions, especially not those of women. Im being sarcastic btw. Ok guys sorry for not taking your responses seriously (not being sarcastic). But in all honesty I wasn't expecting anyone to make a friggin diagram model extravaganza on the show so I found it hilarious. Sorry if that was immature of me, please forgive me. I was kinda trollin though eh? Good times.
  8. Well, the truth is, I dont care enough about this dispute nor do I care if I come off immature on an online forum with grad students.
  9. Yeah first I made an outline and then I prepared a draft and had to revise multiple versions to type out 4 sentences on an online forum. Thanks for the compliment, it was what I was going for.
  10. Well, I originally started the thread as a 'fun' thread because I too think it is funny that academics have strong opinions on it, but I think I've offended some people now. Ooops.
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