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  1. I haven't exactly ironed out my summer plans yet, but I'm thinking of taking a couple of summer courses to have a lighter schedule my last year. I also have a friend who works at a social service agency as a Child Development Specialist and she tells me they are constantly looking for more workers, so I'll probably work there full-time in the summer and cut back to per diem once school starts (I've spoken to them and they seem pretty flexible when it comes to scheduling). I'll also continue my volunteering duties at my state's NARAL pro-choice chapter.
  2. I have a friend in my MSW program who's currently working full time as a psych technician as well as going to school full-time. She's able to do that because her concentration, Individuals Groups and Families, is set up in a way that she only has to take 3 courses the first semester. She's taking a winter intersession course as well in order to have 3 courses next semester and continue to work full time. However, she has mentioned that she's going to have cut back during her last year of the MSW because field hours increase, so she won't be able to go to school full time and work full time.
  3. I agree with Louise to bring it up in your statement. However, I would not overly focus on it. I knew someone who dug herself into a hole by over-addressing it and basically mentioning that she had a low GPA because she couldn't keep up with a full-time undergrad course load, while she was applying for a full-time Masters, which tends to be more academically rigorous. So, bring it up, briefly address it, and then move on. But I think you have a shot. Someone in one of my classes mentioned that she was on provisional status this semester (our first semester) because she had a low GPA.
  4. From what I've been told from the students in my school's PhD Social Work program, here in the US at least, if you have post-BSW experience, then you're qualified to teach BSW theory and practical classes. If you don't have post-MSW experience, you can still teach MSW theory classes, but you can't teach any of the practical courses since you won't have the experience to back it up, so to speak.
  5. Okay, so I can't really answer your first question. As for the second question, I'm also interested in getting my PhD in Social Work. In the US (which is where I'm from), most PhD SW programs should waive your tuition if you're a competitive enough candidate. I've been researching PhD programs for a while now and some programs waive your tuition for two years, others will waive it for the whole four years (by having you be a research assistant and/or teaching assistant), and others will do that and throw in a living stipend. However, from what I've seen, a lot of US programs also require t
  6. I actually think you're a great candidate for an MSW. While my undergrad was in psychology, I had a similar GPA and my only relevant experience was my volunteer experience also teaching ESL and being a youth mentor on-and-off for a few years. I ended up getting into every program I applied to. Developing the community arts program is going to look great on your application and also ties into your previous field as well as social work, so it should be easy to connect the two on your personal statement. You might not even have to retake your GRE since a big chunk of MSW programs don't requir
  7. I always volunteered in my undergrad, but never got involved in any school activities. I went to meet with the professor I'll be doing my work-study with and after talking a bit, she asked me if I wanted to be the chair of Latin American Student Organization for my school (which would be completely separate from my work-study). I said yes and though I'm excited, I'm also pretty nervous to see how I'm going to balance this along with the other requirements that come from a full time MSW program.
  8. I start on the 29th at UConn and start my field education September 5th. So excited!
  9. I'm also starting UConn's MSW program in the fall, but I'm doing the Community Organization concentration. Their macro program seems to be incredibly solid.
  10. http://www.bc.edu/offices/stserv/financial/finaid/grad/grad_forms.html Yeah, you just mail it to them. I mailed mine in last week, but I'm still waiting for them to process it and upload it as received.
  11. I don't think it does since you get the scholarship from the school of social work & not from the financial aid office. I know the scholarship amount is taken into account when they're considering financial aid. And you still have time to hand in your grad school financial aid form since the deadline is April 18th.
  12. Update: Finally got in touch with the admissions people at Rhode Island College & I did get in. Now I'm just waiting on my admissions packet & I'm going to inquire on grad assistantships to see how that process goes.
  13. Well, I got a voicemail from Rhode Island College last week, but it just said to give them a call back. I've been trying since Thursday & I can't get anyone on the phone. According to the website, if they call you that means you've been accepted. But I'm aggravated that despite leaving 2 voicemail messages & an email, I can't get anyone to get back to me. It makes me think the program is not that well run. I'm also still waiting on University of South Carolina. However, I'm about 95 percent sure, barring a basically full ride from the above schools/UConn, I'll be going to Boston C
  14. I think it's just a waiting game. I logged in to my student admin account, but it still says aid not available. In other news, I received a voicemail from Rhode Island College admissions, but it just said to call them back. I wonder if that's good or bad...
  15. Who did you email about getting an extension? I'm about 70% sure I'm going to Boston, but would like to wait for some financial aid info from UConn before I commit.
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