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  1. MSW starting Fall 2017

    Hi! I'm glad you started this thread. I am attending USC and excited to start my first day of classes tomorrow. Good luck to you!!
  2. USC fall 2017 start!

  3. USC fall 2017 start!

    Cool!! Thanks for responding. I am COBI.
  4. USC fall 2017 start!

    Who is definitely coming to USC for fall 2017?! Would like to connect with fellow classmates.
  5. USC fall 2017 start!

    Has anyone heard back about scholarships yet?
  6. USC fall 2017 start!

    No not yet. I was also told June 1st by my admissions counselor. Fingers crossed!
  7. USC fall 2017 start!

    I haven't seen one yet.
  8. USC MSW 2017

    full time. you?
  9. USC fall 2017 start!

  10. USC MSW 2017

  11. USC fall 2017 start!

    Anyone else starting in the fall??
  12. USC fall 2017 start!

    I spoke to USC again today. They said they are still reviewing applications and that we will be notified either way (that we will receive or not receive the deans scholarship).
  13. USC fall 2017 start!

    I spoke to my admissions counselor at USC. She said as of Friday all of the recipients have been selected. She also said the philanthropic scholarships will be awarded and candidates will be notified around June 1st.
  14. USC fall 2017 start!

    I haven't heard yet either. Maybe they are running behind?
  15. Hunter College City of NY

    Yay!!! Congrats!!