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  1. Thank you both for your responses! I had never thought of residential programs of homeless shelters. I'm definitely going to look into both!
  2. Hey everyone! I'll be attending BC in the fall to get my MSW. I'm very excited because it means taking out minimal loans as long as I find a part time job. I'm not worried about being able to juggle school work and class work (as I am juggling 35 hours a week at a preschool, 10 at a crisis hotline, an internship and 9 academic credits currently). However, I currently work in a field that is loosely related to social work as I'm working with children. I would most prefer to work in a field that is also related during my masters program in Boston, but it doesn't seem like child care will be
  3. Is the financial aid form online? I looked and it was the one for the previous year. Do I just mail it in to them?
  4. It took him over a week and a half. Long enough that I had pretty much completely lost hope about getting a response haha.
  5. Oh no I live in Florida haha so mine would be on the later end of things!
  6. Hey, everyone. I will be attending BC in the fall also, and I'm coming from a college town in FL so I'm not really sure how one looks for housing in the real world. I'm likely going to have to book a bunch of viewings for the same week when I can visit. When should I plan on visiting to view apartments? When will the best deals become available for an August move in? I plan on living in the Brighton/Allston area
  7. I never actually thought of the whole "adding the deposit to what Loyola should have to give me" aspect. That's a great idea, thank you! i ended up just putting the deposit down. I'm gonna see what I can do if Loyola somehow makes it way cheaper to go there, but I don't anticipate that happening. I'm SO excited now. I was thinking grad school really wasn't gonna work out for me this coming year and I can't believe I'm moving to Boston! I've been researching for quite a while now and it looks like Brighton and Allston are definitely gonna be the move. I'm totally cool with hav
  8. I actually just went ahead and put down the deposit. Thank you so much for the response though!
  9. Did you just mail it to them? I've been wondering about that particular form
  10. It says online that that info won't go out Til beginning of April. I think they don't wanna determine all that for people who may not actually attend
  11. So I did all the math, and I'm going to be sending in my admission deposit to BC tomorrow! I can't believe it all worked out.
  12. I emailed he dean of admissions explaining that I had gotten higher scholarship amounts from other schools, but Boston college is my first choice and I am not financially equipped to pay that much in tuition. Then I simply asked if I could possible be reconsidered for a higher scholarship amount
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