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Part time jobs related to the Social Work field?

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Hey everyone!

I'll be attending BC in the fall to get my MSW. I'm very excited because it means taking out minimal loans as long as I find a part time job. I'm not worried about being able to juggle school work and class work (as I am juggling 35 hours a week at a preschool, 10 at a crisis hotline, an internship and 9 academic credits currently). However, I currently work in a field that is loosely related to social work as I'm working with children. I would most prefer to work in a field that is also related during my masters program in Boston, but it doesn't seem like child care will be possible with how my weekly schedule is going to look and the fact that I don't plan on taking my car. 

This leads to my question. Those of you who are currently in an MSW program or are planning to attend one while working part time, what kinds of jobs are you going to be looking for? i have worked as a server and other unrelated type jobs before, but I would really like to stay within the field if at all possible. I'm sure there are other jobs out there other than childcare that are related to the field. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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I worked in a homeless shelter with MSW students and they said the schedule was great for them. We had 4, 8, and 12-hour shifts overnight, so it was easy to get 15-25 hours a week. Work started at 7pm, ended at 7am - they could work any hours within those times. 

You can work for a crisis hotline; those hours are usually flexible. Since you have experience, you shouldn't have a problem getting a similar position!

I am looking into childcare for the early start. Some preschools and daycare centers need morning 'floaters' starting around 6am, the shifts usually end by 9 after the final load of children. 

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You may want to look into residential programs! I worked part time in a residential treatment program for children in the foster care program. It's difficult work (oftentimes extreme behavior problems), but overall I found it was a rewarding experience. You could work first, second, or third shift. Obviously it depends on the organization's policies, but I knew people who only worked on the weekends to balance it with school. 

There are also residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities, also might be worth looking up!

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