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  1. Hey friends, I’m graduating in May and have settled on going for a PhD (in the future). Does anyone have tips for pursuing a PhD in higher ed that are helpful? Or, any helpful tips for pursuing a PhD in education in general. (Work experience is a requirement I’m aware of). thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I figured I'd start the Fall 2017 thread to see where everyone's thinking about applying to, and so we can share some helpful tip and what not. For now, I'm applying to Temple's MSW and West Chester University's MSW program for the sheer fact that they're local programs (and super affordable). Where is everyone else looking?
  3. Hi So I'll be applying to a few Higher Education programs in the next couple of months (as it seems most people in this thread are). I was wondering if those who are applying to Higher Ed programs have any plans of also looking for a job in the related field while they plan on attending? I'm worried that I'll be in a program and then there'll be no chance for me to get the experience needed for post-graduation. Does anyone have experience with this self-doubt? Thanks a bunch
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