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  1. Just received my email to choose an interview date. It says that after you interview you hear back in three weeks, which is just too long in my opinion it took them 7 weeks just to tell me they want to interview me
  2. I got 12k as well! I'm not sure how the appeal process works? IDK if it's a form you have to fill out or if you have to like explain your reasons/or please your case for more money. My friend attends NYU for undergrad and she essentially just emailed the office of finaid asking for more money. Im moreso curious about my financial aid package, they can't really expect me to commit to the school without seeing that first.
  3. I spoke to someone through email and was told they would start my appeal process by today (still haven't received an email). no clue on when we'll receive financial aid packages though.
  4. Thank you so much!! I submitted my application on 1/10! Day before the priority deadline!
  5. Have you received your financial aid package yet? All i've gotten is a scholarship offer so far.
  6. Received my admissions letter from NYU around 11 this morning! Received a 12k a year scholarship! Anyone know when we get the financial aid package? and is anyone thinking of asking for more money?
  7. Same! been debating on whether I should call and inquire about the status of my application or if I should just wait.
  8. Congrats!! Do u mind sharing stats and when you applied?
  9. Nah! I applied for the regular 2 year track. I applied on the 10th and haven’t heard anything yet
  10. Kinda bracing myself for rejection at this point lol. I’m at a disadvantage because I just graduated last month and don’t have too much relevant experience. I applied to NYU a day before the deadline and from what I’ve seen on these forums and heard from friends who’ve gotten in, NYU is pretty quick to send admission decisions. I know rejections are usually sent out later which leads me to believe that’s probably the case for me :/
  11. Once you submitted your application did you receive an email informing you that your application has been completed? I received an email telling me that mine has been submitted, but never one regarding completion
  12. I uploaded an unofficial transcript because that's what the portal asked for. My portal shows that everything has been submitted and he said they would need an official copy if I was admitted into the school!
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