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  1. thank you! so the first change that occurred was they began to request my official transcripts... before they even updated my portal with the "an update has been made to your admissions decision". i refreshed the page for about 11 minutes before it finally updated fully and i clicked the link to view my acceptance. my email notification didnt come until hours later. i think i was actually in my portal AS they were making the updates
  2. what are the three and where can you find more information on this?
  3. sure! feel free to private message me with specific questions!
  4. I'm so excited to say that I've made my decision and will be attending Columbia University! ❤️❤️❤️ Accepted my offer this evening and submitted my deposit. I can't wait to be studying with some of you and good luck to everyone with their journey!
  5. wow! from how the program presents itself i was thinking the complete opposite! this is shocking to keep hearing things of this nature happening there..
  6. https://nyunews.com/2019/02/12/racist-tweet-nyu-silver/?fbclid=IwAR2d8aNwdzhPyWz-FIlO007SdxfN1Svs_Q9MEomzmrAOQB2pdpE7OOVMaIw Have people heard about this? It was just published and occurred in the MSW program!
  7. originally it was in my top list and i explored it heavily, but ultimately decided not to apply
  8. for those who have been accepted - has anyone heard back yet in regards to scholarships?
  9. sure! private message me Monday so I don't forget ?
  10. So I just received my admission into Columbia's program today! Any thoughts on NYU vs Columbia? Did anyone else apply to both?
  11. So I received my admissions to Columbia this evening, and NYU last friday. Did anyone else apply to both schools as well? Thoughts between the two? It's going to be a tough decision.. I'm visiting both schools this weekend
  12. I also submitted my application on the last day of the priority deadline - 1120pm on deec 7th to be exact! And I received my admissions decision today. I'll be visiting the campus this weekend.. I'd like to make a decision in the next week. Any thoughts on Columbia vs NYU?
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