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  1. Apply again. They will give you a fair shot and will likely be impressed with the work you've done to strengthen your application.
  2. It didn't really backfire, though. The higher ranking schools ended up costing less so they were more affordable. For the record, you could have paid the fee to reserve your seat at one of the other schools until you heard from the state school. Anyways, what do you want to do with an MSW? What kind of job do you have now? In what ways will the MSW give you a wider range of job opportunities?
  3. In my experience, a DSW will not increase your salary at any agency and insurance companies are not reimbursing at a higher rate for it either. You could maybe get a slightly higher private pay rate in private practice depending on your marketing. The same thing can be said for a PhD in social work, though. In academia a PhD is probably more marketable, but you can teach with a DSW and a PhD; h*ll (can I use that word here? 😬), you can teach some courses with an MSW.
  4. My advice would be to look at the curriculum of programs you are interested in to better understand the differences in degrees. The MSW is very social and economic justice oriented. I encourage you to read the NASW Code of Ethics and browse around the website. In general an MHC or MFT is going to narrow your career focus and options. You will be trained to provide therapy. An MSW will train you in therapy, community organizing, advanced case management, policy, leadership, etc. The MSW is more broad because social workers work in many different types of organizations and in many different
  5. I did distance education at the University of Tennessee and highly recommend it. I don't know anything about Case Western or Simmons so I can't help there. I will say that don't assume that because it's distance education that you won't spend just as much time on the program or that it won't be as rigorous as on campus. One woman worked full time the first year of our program (only because she was able to get an internship that allowed her to do her hours overnight which is hard to find) but was not able to the second year because of the amount of required field hours and not being able to fin
  6. I completed the distance education program at The University of Tennessee. I highly recommend it. They also have a gerontology graduate certificate you can obtain along side the MSSW. http://www.csw.utk.edu/certificates/gerontology.htm
  7. It's been many years ago and I don't recall the schools, but when I was looking at programs some had the option of a thesis instead of a comprehensive exam to graduate. The University of Tennessee is the only one I recall off hand because that's where I attended. I did the comprehensive exam, but knew a couple of students who did a thesis instead because they were considering a PhD later. I don't particularly recall seeing any programs that I would call "research-intensive" because the MSW is a professional degree. You would probably want to consider a PhD after your MSW. Having said that
  8. I'm not in MA, but what about professors? Did you have any classes where you had to demonstrate skills? For instance, in my MSW program we had to record ourselves doing a mock session using motivational interviewing and then CBT. If not, think about significant projects (presentations, papers, etc.) you completed that would demonstrate knowledge of social work skills. Also have you done any volunteer work where a social worker was on staff? That could be an option. It could be worth reaching out to other students in your program to see what they are doing or a professor.
  9. Your undergraduate GPA will not affect your graduate GPA. They are separate.
  10. I don't think it hurts to apply this year. The worst that can happen is you are not accepted and then you just reapply next year. If you are not accepted this year you can request feedback on your applications and work to strengthen for the following year. If you are set on starting a program next fall then you might want to broaden your school list with a couple of safety schools that aren't so competitive. Working with undeserved populations is good and strengthens your application, but it's important to understand that tutoring/teaching kids is not social work or social services relate
  11. Choose the cheapest option. A degree in social work is not really something you want to go into major debt for considering salaries.
  12. Yes, events in your personal life that may have contributed to you choosing the social problem you chose to discuss in your statement. Social work is a bit different from a lot of fields because it's generally ok to discuss your personal experiences with mental/physical health and/or social problems. My suggestion to people is to briefly discuss the personal experiences and if relevant mention how you cope with or overcame those difficulties so it's clear it won't impact your academic or professional life.
  13. Yes, I think I was well prepared for licensing. I passed the LMSW exam the first time with very little studying. I accepted a job at one of the organizations I interned with a month before graduation and started working the day after the graduation ceremony. The other organization I interned with also offered me a job at that time. I only know of a handful of students that graduated and did not already have a job offer. Of course this can vary with what area of social work you plan to pursue and where you plan to live. Your internships (field placements) are very important because many st
  14. I graduated from the online program in 2016. The online program shares the same faculty as the on-campus program in Nashville. Online students complete all the same classes and coursework as on-campus students. Some classes will require live online meetings via Zoom or Skype. Some classes require group work so that will also help you connect with your fellow students. I started a Facebook page for my graduating class so we could all get to know each other better and I think that helped a lot! If you're in Nashville then you'll be able to schedule meetings with professors if needed and join a c
  15. Is it Madonna University? ETA: Madonna University was granted candidacy status in Oct 2016. From the CSWE website I found: "Candidacy for a baccalaureate or master’s social work program by the Council on Social Work Education’s Commission on Accreditation indicates that it has made progress toward meeting criteria for the assessment of program quality evaluated through a peer review process. A program that has attained Candidacy has demonstrated a commitment to meeting the compliance standards set by the Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards, but has not yet demonstrated fu
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