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  1. I was accepted to both UC Berkeley and CSULB for my MSW. I actually accepted UC Berkeley first, before I found out that CSULB had also accepted me. As of now, I am enrolled to attend both schools. Obviously, I cannot be in attendance at both schools, so I need to decide asap which school I am going to attend. Being a Bay Area native, my dream was always to attend UC Berkeley. If I do attend Berkeley, I will live at home in San Francisco with my family. The MSW program at Berkeley is supposedly held in high regard since it's 'Berkeley.' However, the tuition is whats holding me back. Tuitio
  2. @MSW_bound2018 Hi, I just got accepted this afternoon into the aging concentration. Honestly, I did not at all expect to get accepted into Berkeley! My GPA is only a 3.1, however, I believe I wrote a really strong personal statement and statement of purpose. I have 4+ years of work in nursing homes as a medication technician and lead care manager. I also have an internship right now with Kaiser Permanente in their hospice department. My references were from my sociology professor/advisor, LCSW I worked for, and the head nurse of the nursing home I worked for. I am completing my bachelor's degr
  3. I actually heard back on Saturday that I was accepted!
  4. Just wondering if anyone applied to Cal State San Marcus' MSW program & if they have heard anything yet from them?
  5. I too have been waiting to hear from UCB. I'm a little doubtful of getting into the school, but I thought I would never know if I got in unless I tried. I applied to the aging program. Still waiting for a response or just anything...
  6. I applied for the aging concentration. I applied the last day (I'm a really bad procrastinator). My GPA isn't that great, it's a 3.1. I have 4+ years of experience working in nursing homes. I also have an internship right now with Kaiser Permanente's Hospice Program. My references were pretty good. It's not my top school, but I'd still love to get in if all else fails.
  7. Hi @LeeSav I also applied to CSULB and CSULA, how did you get your acceptance? Was it through email? Also, would you mind telling me your stats & when you applied? I've been nervously waiting and always checking my email!
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