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  1. cymsw1163

    UW Seattle MSW Fall 2019

    Thanks! I also applied to NYU, Columbia, Boston College and Boston University. I’ve heard back from all the schools except Boston University.
  2. cymsw1163

    UW Seattle MSW Fall 2019

    Also got into UW! I applied 12/29 for the Day program, and got the email yesterday around 5pm PST. Good luck to everyone!
  3. cymsw1163

    NYU MSW Fall 2019!?

    I did! I’m in the same boat as you, tough choice to make! I heard such good things about NYU at the beginning of the process, but I’ve also been hearing good things about Columbia (and of course the name really helps! The price though...) Would it be possible for you to share your experience after you visit? I’m out of state and can’t make it to an on campus visit...
  4. cymsw1163

    NYU MSW Fall 2019!?

    I got into NYU last week! So pleased because it is one of my top choices and their turnaround was pretty quick! (Though that wait was excruciating!) Just a quick question, in my acceptance letter it said I had 8 weeks to make a decision to attend or not, but then I got another email regarding resumes and field placement forms. In that one it says these must be submitted 4 weeks after the offer of acceptance, after the decision to attend or not. Has anyone run into this issue? I think of the schools I applied to only UW (another top choice) will give a decision after the 4 week mark. But just wondering if anyone is also in the same boat and had some further information?
  5. Hi all, I’m planning on applying for MSW programs, and though I know we have a new more weeks before apps open, I’m having some anxiety over it all! My goal is to go on to become a LCSW, and I have an interest in mental health. I hope one day to work with immigrants and refugees. I have just graduated with a BA in Psychology, overall GPA 3.86. I plan on asking two professors and one internship supervisor for letters of rec. It’s on experience I’m having some nerves over. I know usually MSW students are older with years of experience. My experience is as follows: Two years of part time work as a tutor (working with new immigrant elementary aged children and underserved youth). Three months research experience at a developmental psychology lab, looking at how newborns acquire language (there was a lot of data entry and stats analysis, but also plenty of interaction with the moms and babies that came in!). Eight months volunteering experience at an assisted nursing facility (where I also interned ar the facility’s acute psych hospital, having one in one chats with the patients and assisting with group therapy). Two months in Cambodia, teaching elementary school aged kids English. One year as a Teacher’s Assistant. The class was for community service (which was required at my university). So while I didn’t have to actually lecture, I did assist the students with any questions they had and assisted the prof. with communications between various charities and non-profits. All together, I’m at around 1,500 hours, so while I have plenty of expericence, I don’t have much depth at each place. Is this an issue? Also, as I hope to work with refugees/immigrants, is this an issue because most of my experience is with children? Can I spin it somehow? Should I even apply this year or wait until next year and get more experience in the meantime? Do I have a chance with any MSW program? Some schools I’m eyeing are UW, NYC, Columbia, UChicago...and some CSUs. Please help, and feel free to share your story as well!

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