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  1. Who's attending Hunter this fall?
  2. kmc118

    UConn MSW 2018

    Anyone accepted / attending UConn for Fall 2018?
  3. kmc118

    Hunter College Social Work Fall 2018

    Applied late December, interviewed yesterday and GOT MY ACCEPTANCE TODAY!!!
  4. kmc118

    CUNY Hunter- MSW program wait

    this is probably a dumb question but how did you check your status?
  5. kmc118

    University of Pittsburgh MSW

    Seriously!! I didn't get it today when my mail came -___-
  6. kmc118

    All MSW Applicants - Please Read

    1) central Connecticut 2) "Havana" by the love of my life, Camila Cabello 3) Capricorn
  7. kmc118

    CUNY Hunter- MSW program wait

    when did you submit your application?
  8. kmc118

    Fall 2018 Application

  9. kmc118

    Fall 2018 Application

    Just got my DU acceptance too!! 16k + a 2k first year scholarship. still heavy on the price though :/ I applied late to the game on 1/14
  10. kmc118

    University of Pittsburgh MSW

    Yes!! Wish it was more though haha
  11. kmc118

    University of Pittsburgh MSW

    Applied 12/3, got acceptance letter 1/5 in the mail. Will receive scholarship letter mid Feb. When I emailed the SSW last fall, they gave me the average range 6k-12k a year. Not sure how it is now.

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