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  1. Hunter College City of NY

    Did anyone register for classes yet?
  2. Hunter College City of NY

    Definitely a tough decision. Both are great so I cannot really say much. But personally, for me, it came down to price. To be in debt or not to be in debt. That was the question that torture me for months until I sent my deposit to Hunter. @Psychotea have you try creating a comparison chart? Sometimes writing down pro and cons help.
  3. Hunter College City of NY

    Me!!!!! Accepted to the clinical track.
  4. Hunter College City of NY

    Congratulations @Psychotea!
  5. Hunter College City of NY

    Yesssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! The wait is over. Sigh.
  6. Stony Brook University

    & that's okay. I'd probably opt out of Hunter if they kept me waiting for too long. I'm glad you have made a decision.
  7. Hunter College City of NY

    1,700??? Oh my! This waiting game is overwhelming
  8. Hunter College City of NY

    Clinical track with individuals, families, and groups.
  9. Hunter College City of NY

    I called him at (212) 396-7629 and he's the one who answers all of my questions. Go ahead and give it a try by calling him. Pre orientation dates have been sent out so it surprises me that Hunter still got students who haven't heard anything. Are you checking your junk/spam inbox?
  10. Stony Brook University

    If that's the case I highly recommend Fordham. Well, that's if you were admired into the clinical track at Fordham. Stony Brook seems to have only two or 3 courses that covers clinical subjects. But i could be wrong since i was only looking into the advanved program. Did you hear from Hunter yet?
  11. Hunter College City of NY

    Accepted or not once your status changes it will say FINAL DECISION. If you scroll down there will be a link to a notification. Trust me, I know this is overwhelming but so far Hunter seems to be accepting their MSW candidates so that's a great sign. It is hard not overthink it but you will soon get a decision. If your situation was similar yo most of us who were accepted then my guess is that you'll hear between Thursday- Friday or Monday since your interview was on the 8th.
  12. Stony Brook University

    Congratulations Ade!!!!!! What is your goal? LMSW or LCSW? Also, how much in debt are you willing to be? Remember, SBU is like 3 or 4 times cheaper than Fordham.
  13. Hunter College City of NY

    It means that they are going over the last "details" and a final decision should be posted on your portal soon. This could mean a few days, a week, or 2 weeks. I happened to check my portal at midnight and there wasa final decision. Just like you and @Cestla_vie I kept checking my portal. Good luck ladies.
  14. Stony Brook University

    Hello fellow applicants, hopefully by now you have heard back from your top school. Just a lil update, I'll be calling SBU today to withdraw my attendance confirmation (I had accepted their offer). I'll be attending Hunter College. Best of luck to you!
  15. Hunter College City of NY

    Hi basket, my interview was on March 22nd, and heard back I think on March 28th. So almost a week. Good luck to you!