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  1. Sorry for my late response. Besides the discount I only recived federal direct unsubsidized and alternative eligibility loans. They have a payment plan, I can do, if I decide I want to pay out of pocket instead of taking out loans. I would love to connect. I'm put down a deposit on Columbia, however I'm still waiting on Hunter for a decision, before I make a 100% commitment to Columbia. You can message me if you want further details about the scholarship and/or loans.
  2. Congratulations to you!! Hopefully you get approved for the scholarship. The scholarship for me helped made my decision, to attend, a lot easier.
  3. No, I declined Fordham admission.
  4. I applied on 1/20 for the one year residency program. I received an email stating that everything was submitted/completed on 1/24. I have not heard anything of yet.
  5. Yes, I did! For me when I calculated it, it’s actually about the same or a little less than Hunter (I’m not sure of all Hunter’s fee besides the tuition). I was really surprised with Columbia so I immediately called the school to make sure it was accurate. The person I spoke with was very diligent and nice. She went through my whole financial aid package with me over the phone. She answered all my repeated questions and while I was calculating, she was also calculated with me. We recalculated several times and we kept on getting the same total!!! I’m still shocked and surprised. Have you gotten a decision yet from Columbia?
  6. I received my financial aid information this morning and I was approved for the reduced residency scholarship!! Columbia will pay HAlF of my tuition for the entire three years of me attending ( along as I continue to work at my current agency). I’m so happy!! * still waiting on Hunter College before I make my final decision*
  7. Thank you! Congrats on getting accepted to Fordham! I heard Fordham social work is a really good program. So far Fordham offered me the most financial aid. I will be attending the dinner on 3/14 to learn more about the school. Will you be attending the reception? It sucks that Hunter sends out late acceptance. I applied for the DOHMH scholarship with Hunter and they said only 20 candidates will be accepted for the scholarship, so I'm really praying that I'm one of them! Did you applied for the scholarship? I work in a (NYC) non profit agency on a multi-disciplinary team providing treatment and rehabilitation services to younger and older adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders. I’ve been doing clinical (direct services) for the past 4 years, so that is the only area of social work that I’m familiar with, however I really want to know more about the macro practice, so I will probably take my elective courses in that area (if the school allows me to). It sucks about your green card! I hope everything get fix so you can attend school in the fall!!
  8. Hi! As mentioned above I applied for the reduced residency program and was accepted at Columbia. I also applied for the reduced residency program at NYU, Fordham and Hunter for all concentration in Mental health. If you don't mind me asking, What schools did you applied to? and also to what concentration ? Currently, I been accepted to NYU, Columbia, and Fordham. I received an email from Hunter stating my application will be reviewed by the ending of March/ early April. I hope all is going well for you!
  9. Hi congrats on your acceptance!! Did you call or email the school to ask for the extension? Thank you for the information regarding financial aid. You and I both got accepted on 2/16, so hopefully I will also get an email by 3/16 regarding my aid.
  10. Thank you!!! It’s beyond me the way they ‘re thinking! Especially since I have to put down a $400 deposit to hold my spot!! SMH
  11. Hi Guys! I been a long long long time lurker and I just decided to make an account. So I can give any inputs if needed. I was accepted to Columbia University on 2/16 to the reduced residency program with a concentration in Clinical and Mental health. I sumbitted my application on 1/20 and I received a confirmed email on 1/27 stating application was completed. Im CURRENTLY waiting for an email regarding financial. I have to submit my decision by 3/16, since I was only given 30 days to decide. I will probably be calling the school by next Monday and ask for an extension, until I receive any scholarship information.
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