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  1. Congrats! Any leads on apartments? Will you aim to live within walking or biking distance or further out? I hope to stay close, but the closer apartments are more expensive, of course. Not sure yet what we'll do.....
  2. Well, we're just now hitting mid-April, so you might hear any day now! Good luck!
  3. Which program did you apply to, @dedelin? If it's been a while since you've had contact, I would think that you could call or email to ask for a status update. Good luck!
  4. Happy Spring! I've accepted a PhD offer from IUPUI so my husband and I will relocate to Indianapolis this summer. Anyone else bound for Indy?
  5. I'm in! Fully funded! I'm proof that low GRE scores aren't always a deal breaker. So excited! *happy dance*

    1. Gvh
    2. GatsbyGirl100


      Congratulations! That's pretty sweet. 

  6. Got my acceptance letter via email this morning! Champagne tonight! No more whining for me (well, not about waiting, anyway...)
  7. Yessssss! I'm in! The email came early this morning. I've been walking around in a daze with a big, goofy grin. Good luck to others who are still waiting!
  8. I was told I would hear "by mid to late March." So far March is the slowest month ever in my life.
  9. Wow, that's a late deadline! Step away from the computer for a month if you can.
  10. I've learned that we shouldn't read too much into the data on the GradCafe Results page -- if a program has a new director, that person may alter the adcom process, taking more or less time than in previous years. Regardless, we're all one day closer to knowing. Happy March, everyone.
  11. Go for a full Brazilian -- maybe that will result in a generous fellowship.
  12. Oh, how I wish more US schools operated this way. April 15th is a firm deadline for many, but knowing how much is at stake -- potential relocation, employment changes, etc. -- holding themselves accountable to an earlier deadline would be wonderful. Oh well. I guess it's good practice for us when we're in academia and see things move at a glacial pace.
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