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  1. It's one of the weaker Econ departments in Canada. From my understanding, it goes roughly as follow for economics in Canada: 1st tier: UBC, Queens, and UofT (in no particular order) 2nd tier: UWO, SFU, McMaster 3rd tier: McGill, Carlton, HEC, Calgary That being said, the school itself is very good and has a very good international reputation, but if you're looking to do your PhD afterward, it might not be the best place to go.
  2. I just got an offer with funding from UBC, I will be accepting and declining my other offers. Good luck to those on the waiting lists.
  3. Being from Montreal, I never quite understood why foreigners liked the city. The traffic is unbearable, it's incredibly windy and cold in the winter, the police will give you fines for just about anything, pollution is bad, crime is high, etc.
  4. I'm about to drive down to UBC and spy on the faculty of Economics to see what's taking so long for them to send the admission letters for the MA. The wait is killing me and my other offers are about to expire.
  5. Hi, I have received an offer from a school I really would like to go to but the funding is half of what I am getting at other schools. While I don't desperately need the additional money and could always ask my parents for financial support, I obviously would prefer receiving more money from the school and not having to do that. I also feel like I'm not as wanted since the funding is less. How should I phrase it if I were to ask them to try and revise my offer to be in line with my other offers? What about schools with a line such as this one in their offer: "Please note that if you are in possession of more favourable offers from other distinguished departments, I would be happy to discuss our offer further." How should one phrase it then?
  6. Well, thanks, I didn't know about this feature. I went and looked through the list, and they all appear to be Ph.D. offers as far as Economics goes, I couldn't find a single result for the MA in Economics, reassuring I guess.
  7. Has anyone ever contacted a department to find out the status of their application? I am debating doing that, I've heard from all but one school which is my first choice.
  8. I just received an offer from Queens as well, today, and it is also better than McGill's. I will most likely use those to try and leverage a better one from McGill if I decide to go for McGill. I am still waiting on UBC, I don't know what's taking so long. Have you applied to UBC as well?
  9. I've heard from SFU a few weeks ago and McGill last week. I'm still waiting to hear back from UBC. Has anyone heard from them? Also, does anyone know if I could, or should, use my SFU funding offer to negotiate for more funding at McGill. They're probably not very far from each other if accounting for the cost of living in both areas, but I'd still like to get a bit more from McGill if I can. Should I try to leverage my SFU offer?
  10. How do you know you're waitlisted at Cornell? did you email them? I still haven't heard from them.
  11. What program did you apply to? I am still waiting to hear from UBC. I hope I get an answer before March 31st which is my deadline to accept McGill's offer with funding. Anyone knows how long does UBC usually give you to accept their offer?
  12. I obviously wouldn't be asking if I knew the school was out of the running. I just don't want to let me 2nd choice go and end up with my 4-5th choice because I waited for my first choice to reply.
  13. Instead of emailing the ones that haven't replied yet, would it be better to email the ones that have and request an extension? Is that even a thing? If so, should I email the admission office or the department itself?
  14. I honestly don't know. My end goal would be something along the line of the IMF's economist program, which would be better suited to help me achieve this goal? I would also love to hear feedback from people who have studied in either city.
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