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  1. English GRE Subject Test

    I'm going to apply to some PhD programs in English for Fall 2017. But I have to be honest about something. I'm a bit nervous about the English GRE subject test. One of my top schools requests it, and I want to be as competitive as possible. I'm just scared because I have no idea how on earth I will prepare for this exam or how long I should be preparing for it. Should I perhaps wait for the Fall 2018 cycle so I can devote more time to this exam? I did have some fellow colleagues tell me to forgo on this one school, but a lot of my programs highly recommend it.
  2. NYU English

    Thanks for being so helpful and nice to me. I've had an interesting time on this forum a few days ago. 😋
  3. My brother went here. They have a certification option.
  4. NYU English

    My GRE could definitely be better. Don't laugh at my scores. 😆 158 Verbal 150 Quant 5.5 Writing
  5. I have a master's in liberal arts, specifically humanities and social sciences, from CUNY. I came to New York for grad school although I'm not much of a city gal. CUNY wasn't the right fit for me, but I'm interested in NYU for English, specifically because I wrote my thesis on one of the professor's works. I also visited many times and sat in on some classes, with the permission of the instructors. But last summer, I actually took a summer class there in the English department. It seems like a solid place, but I'm not sure how I can stand out. I have a bachelor's in English from U. Mass Amherst, my CUNY master's, and my teaching license, although that's irrelevant. I'm interested in hearing your advice. Any feedback on this school would be great. Thanks so much.
  6. Umm, I'm pretty sure they do.
  7. What's even funnier is you all claiming to be experts and you spend so much time on a forum bullying and trying to make people feel bad. It's kind of sad. What, don't you have friends or a life? Pathetic. I think I'm done here. Didn't realize this website was full of shallow pricks. Thanks to all that did help. For the others, thanks for the laughs. I pity you.
  8. Yeah, because I'm sure there are only a handful of grad students in the metropolitan city of New York. It's such a small city! I went to CUNY, by the way. Master's in humanities. Get your facts straight.
  9. Are people on this website normally so passive-aggressive? Who is this Young Charlie that you are all so obsessed with? Did he have a gold member or something?
  10. What exactly do you mean by what happened? I went to graduate school for a master's in humanities and social sciences. I didn't like the school as much as I had wanted to. The environment wasn't friendly and I hated New York. I had a 4.0 GPA and I took courses in literature, women's studies, creative writing, and comparative literature. I guess I did a miserable job in trying to be humorous. It was a joke to "beg, beg, beg professors for a letter." Sometimes my humor can be misconstrued over the internet.
  11. Chaucer and medieval lit. I'm from Boston so New York was kind of a big change for me. I didn't like the atmosphere. I remember getting my apartment broken into several times. It wasn't necessarily the school, but it certainly was stressful. Professors are kind of pretentious there, too. 😑
  12. I did really well in those classes. You're right, I need to focus more on my application. I don't want another master's degree. The goal is my PhD for research. I have a busy summer to look forward to! Perhaps I can visit my former grad school and beg, beg, beg my lit professors for a letter.
  13. Yes, I did take a few, but not as many as I would have liked.
  14. Thank you very much for this excellent answer. I got a master's in humanities, but I want to get my PhD in English. I did manage to get into a PhD program before, so maybe I can try again. I can work at the letter relationships and my GRE scores.