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  1. Thank you, @Bluescluess! I'll be going to Old Dominion--only place I applied, as they're the only ones with the online program. WHEW. Called up my bestie to tell him. I was like, "Need to talk to you about an email for a moment." He's all, "Ugh, I hate it when you won't give me details, I hate it, it's the WORST and you KNOW I hate it and there's NO good reason and what is it anyway?" "Texted it to you." "What's WRONG with you, WHY would you text me something when I'm ON THE PHONE with you wait WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YAAASSSSSSSSSS." Pretty much all I could ha
  2. HOLY SMOKES, WAIT LIST DREAMS DO COME TRUE. I'm not sure if I'm going to cry, laugh, pee, or puke, or just work all four into the next few minutes, but I got in! Good luck, y'all!
  3. Just got wait listed--well, insofar as I emailed to ask and was told so. They've said that their chosen candidates have until April 1st to accept, and that if I haven't heard by April 15th that I should contact them. Here's the thing: traditionally, this school sends out rejections around April 7th. You know, after they've filled their slots. So I'm pretty sure I'm so far down the wait list that this is what I'm waiting for. Dang it, that's the only program I could attend.
  4. Emailed. I'm wait listed. Told that accepted applicants have until April 1 to confirm attendance, and that if I didn't hear by the 15th to check back. Which likely means that I'm so far down the wait list that all I'll be hearing is a rejection when they send them out.
  5. I'm an online student. And my last car was very reliable, until the little flames incident... Even after that it still drove--it was just a little scarier.
  6. Still waiting. Now three weeks outside of the stated four week response period, and on the last day of previous historic acceptances--all three of them. I decided to tempt fate by spending my tuition money on a new (to me) car last night, and even that didn't flush out an answer. Still, now I have a car that should not catch fire spontaneously, which is something I never thought I'd have to put on my desired feature list...
  7. @ForTheLoveOfBrains I'm the same--I've been much harder working as a parent and student than I was previously. But I have three really good reasons to work hard. And it is hard, but it's possible. I'm the stay at home parent, I work online for a college part time, and I run my own writing and editing firm. There are days when I'm at my computer for over twenty hours straight trying to take care of everything, but my kids understand. In fact, they understand far better than I ever expected. My eldest is 14, my middle is 12, and my youngest just turned 9, but they have all been wonderful. They e
  8. Congratulations, @thepinkdragon76!
  9. @ForTheLoveOfBrains, I think you'll find that most of your professors have families, so while they may not be thrilled with all of your constraints, they get it--they're family people too. Thankfully, all the parents who have taught me have been perfectly reasonable.
  10. I applied at Old Dominion. The portal shows my application as complete and submitted, and I called graduate admissions, who said that they had some results back already, but mine was not one of them. I can't help but think that they just had the acceptances ready.
  11. Good luck, @thepinkdragon76! I haven't heard from the program at all--no interviews, no emails. I guess things are looking even more bleak than I thought. It would be nice to know, however, as this influences where else I apply for work.
  12. Still nothing here. The historical data for when admits go out is very limited, but someone got in on the 20th of March in 2009, on the 23rd in 2011, the 16th in 2015, and a rejection went out on the 9th of April, 2012. I guess worst case scenario I'll hear early in April, right before I take my comprehensives. Perrrrrrfect. I'm about ready to go sit in a corner and eat hair. (Dumb question, but have all of you been invited to interviews if a place was interested? Because if that's the case, I can go spend my tuition on loose women and drink now.)
  13. I work for a college. I have not told my immediate supervisor I've applied for a program as he already mocked me about going on to do "some worthless PhD." Very odd attitude for someone in higher ed, you'd think. However, my dean knows and wrote a letter of recommendation, some of the college VPs know (and one keeps texting me to ask if I've heard yet, so I've told him to be quiet or buy me Tums), and my department knows. I guess it would have been simpler to say that everyone except my supervisor knows! My dean is wildly supportive. She stated she plans to move me out of my current depa
  14. Applied to the one program that was online, in my field, and within my price range. *tumbleweeds* *crickets* *a door creaking forlornly off in the distance* I'm going to need some Xanax and some Zantac.
  15. Oops, clicked into the wrong thread. Sorry! Carry on, I'll see myself out...
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