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  1. @paigesparky I think you sound like a strong candidate who will only get stronger with more experience I completely understand the urge to compare yourself to others but agree with @KatieJaiYen that you bring your own awesome background and insights and shouldn't be intimidated by anyone else. The only advantage I see to a BSW is that you can finish your MSW more quickly. To me, having the broader perspective of a sociology degree strengthens your application and indicates that you have really given thought to pursuing an MSW. I also think that it would be wise for you to reach out to t
  2. I was admitted to Portland State for fall 2016, it was the only program I applied to as I work in the field in Portland and did not want to relocate or leave my job I would like to think that I was a well rounded candidate but honestly I think it had everything to do with my experience in the field. My undergrad major was Political Science from a second tier state university with a 3.78 undergrad gpa, university and departmental honors. I started working in domestic violence intervention after graduation and had 2.5 years as a victim advocate at two different nonprofits when I applied. My sta
  3. Hello fellow cohort members, let that sink in for a minute, we are members of a grad school program cohort! 1. I'm with @kmarks1 on supplies, I think a good laptop will be my biggest supply investment since the bulk of our work is online. I love stationary and supplies so I'll probably also grab some notebooks, colorful pens and a good planner. Balancing school, work and wedding planning is going to require a serious commitment to organization on my part. 2. The only real difference I foresee is that we'll have fewer handouts or at least a choice of whether to print things or keep t
  4. Congrats @kmarks1! I got in to the online option as well ?
  5. My employer does not know, I decided not to bring it up unless/until I had an acceptance offer. I applied for an MSW program that will allow me to keep my current position for the first two years then possibly use my job as my placement in year three so I'm hopeful that they won't mind. And @Neist Don't feel like a bad person! When I took my current position six months ago it meant leaving a job where people very literally wept on my last day because they thought I was irreplaceable. I was consumed with guilt about leaving even though I knew I had to do what was best for my future
  6. Long distance is never ideal but it is definitely doable. I've been long distance with my SO for a year now and it will be another year before we close the distance for good. We have skype dates a few nights a week, kik/text daily and always have our next visit scheduled. Honestly the time difference is the biggest issue (for us it's 8 hours) so if you're in different states with a minimal time difference communication is much simpler. In many ways I find it easier to focus on my job and academics when I have the house to myself and don't have to worry about anyone else's daily needs. If you'r
  7. AmandaN

    Portland, OR

    I'll pm you my property management company and a few others I can vouch for Portland just got another MAX line so you have quite a few options for being close to public transit. As with any city if you're open to roommates and/or willing to live outside of the hippest neighborhoods you will have a lot more options. The orange, green and yellow lines all run through campus. Outer NE into N Portland, which are along the yellow line are less expensive as is Clackamas at the end of the green line. When I was looking for a place without a car I targeted areas around transit centers and looked at m
  8. This is absolute torture. I know from reviewing the results page that Portland State doesn't give MSW responses until late April but checking the portal has become a nervous tick. I'm trying to keep "no news is good news" as a mantra but quickly getting to the point where I want any news, even if it's bad.
  9. @Mommy2boox2 I'm glad you're going with PSU and can now relax and bask in your acceptance, you've earned some serious celebrating I did apply for the online option but since my last letter of recommendation wasn't submitted unti mid-January I don't expect to hear anything until April. I'm not feeling very confident, I'm a little worried that I'm too run of the mill/vanilla to stand out from the other applicants. But we'll see!
  10. I'm right there with you @kmarks1, knowing there are only 40 spots for the online option is killing me. But it was really the only option that made sense for me since I'm already in the field and want to continue working for as long as possible. The competition is fierce! @BrendonSW I'm sorry PSU didn't offer you a place but I know you'll do great things at NYU or U of Michigan!
  11. I'm having completely ridiculous frustrations over not having applied early decision. There are 40 spots available in the program/option I applied to and I keep playing a scenario over in my head in which all 40 spots are filled with early decision applicants and I'm left out in the cold. I am beyond excited for everyone getting their acceptance notifications and hate that I can't help thinking "whelp, there goes another spot"
  12. There are very few people who can look back through all of their application materials and not find something to cringe at and your error is very minor. You said yourself that you feel your statement was well written and clearly communicated your intent to focus in technical communications. They will definitely know what you meant and I am very sure that you haven't ruined your chances at an acceptance. I know it is much easier said than done but try to relax and feel good about the fact that you have completed the application process
  13. Congratulations @Gramir32 ! That is really exciting news. I also only applied to PSU but didn't apply early admission so may not hear back for awhile yet. I hope you have plans to celebrate this weekend
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