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  1. Hi there! This sounds a LOT like what my experience getting married & having children has been like. There were most definitely friends who disappeared or squeaked when I/we couldn't or wouldn't be available to their liking. Those people tended to weed themselves out eventually and I don't feel bad about it in retrospect--but I sure did at the time. In the end, it was a blessing in disguise because it opened doors for new, very understanding and supportive friends to enter. The kind where you don't see each other for 6 months and then getting together is just like no time has passed and yo
  2. I'm doing the later afternoon one, I think it was the Wednesday. The one that started after work was over from something like 5:30-7?
  3. Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! @kmarks1 and @AmandaN!!!!!! How exciting and congratulations--I knew you'd be here!!! The first 3! Out of ONLY 40! Can't wait to meet you all in September!
  4. I applied and got in, email came in Wednesday or Thursday of this last week. Opted to go with my 1st choice, Portland State University.
  5. Checking here every day for updates--good luck everyone! Hi there @LemonLove! Western New Mexico is supposed to be releasing notifications in the next few days. They have taken forever...Response time to my (many) inquiries has been wonderful, same day or next day, but their admission process is lengthy...
  6. I applied here and was accepted, will start fall '16. Granted, I've not yet attended, but we see many psu interns through my employer and they all have good things to say. One of my references also has a friend in their 2nd year and that person loves it. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi there, Just wanted to encourage you that I just got into the 3 year, online msw program at PSU with a gpa of 2.82. I had lots of experience which definitely helped imho.
  8. Hello friends, I was accepted to PSU for their 3 year, online, MSW program on 2/11 and confirmed with them on 2/12. Wow oh wow... Never in a million years thought I'd get in. So, now that that's over, who else got in too? A couple of questions I had for you: 1) What kind of school supplies are you getting? I'm almost 35, it's been many, many years since I bought supplies for anyone except little ones. I'll admit, I love to get school supplies, favorite part of the year. 2) For those of us who will be online students, do you think supplies should vary much? 3) I
  9. 34 year old (for just a little bit longer!) married momma w/two little ones. I'm a Case Manager with a Senior & Disability Services office and run an evidence-based depression management program for seniors. Background in housing & foreclosure counseling, case management and a few years as a CNA in a nursing home during undergrad. Finished a BS in Housing Studies at Oregon State University in 2005. Accepted the Fall, 2016 3 year online MSW program at PSU today! Hoping to continue working my 30 hour per week job and utilize their Employed Social Worker field work option.
  10. @BrendonSW well--keep us posted for sure! For the record, I thought your experience was really interesting. I spent much of the day talking with my employer about tuition reimbursement, how they would view PSU vs. WNMU on a resume and how I should go about deciding should I get into both. Their response was overwhelmingly PSU. So, after combing their website one more time and looking at the tuition cost, (it's more like 15k difference not 20k and their Employed Social Worker option for some of the field work was pretty appealing) I did go ahead and accept. Sort of a relief. Going to be a
  11. I'm a little late to the page, apparently it didn't refresh! Brendon, so sorry to hear that! Which school do you think you'll accept to?
  12. As of 10:51am today.... ACCEPTED! I haven't confirmed yet, waiting to hear from the other school. *A note: the acceptance letter doesn't specify which version on the program you were accepted to. I called and they confirmed it was the online version as I intended. They said an additional letter with clarifying information would be arriving soon.
  13. I got that weird housing email this afternoon around 4:50pm PST. Will have to go look for that attachment! *Update: no attachment on mine.
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