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  1. 100% this. While my close family (and close friends) have come to terms with the fact that I'm applying for an English Lit PhD, I wouldn't say that they're exactly falling head over heels for the idea that I want to pursue 5-6 years of my life studying poetics, in a different country, no less. Applying for this discipline is definitely a labor of love.
  2. DETOX WAS MY FAVOURITE QUEEN, I can't stop laughing at this!
  3. Trying to contact the department at your school for transcripts: Trying to contact your professor for LORs: Trying to contact ETS about sending your GRE score reports:
  4. Fully calling somebody out, but there was an acceptance to University of York (UK I'm assuming rather than Canadian) for English (PhD). Congrats to whoever it was!
  5. I love .gifs. I am also exhausted of waiting for a decision that will most definitely affect the direction of the rest of my life. So, let's make this a fun situation! Post any hilarious/funny/jokes .gifs (feel free to spam this many times) that adequately describe your feelings towards this waiting game or application season in general. This thread may well turn out to be just me repeatedly spamming myself over and over again, but you know what? I'm okay with that. I'll start it off!! Staring at my empty inbox: Realizing my life is built around checking GradCafe for new dai
  6. Sorry about this situation. If I was in your position, I'd be asking myself: 1) If I ask him for a reference, what are the chances that he'll give me one/write me a strong letter? 2) Who else can I turn to? Assuming that it was a bad break-up and question 1) has an answer of "He will most likely refuse/use this as emotional leverage over my wellbeing", the only thing that you can do is focus on other professors. Luckily, I think you're operating under the presumption that professors need hugely strong relationships to agree to write references -- which is not entirely true. If grad
  7. I don't think you did!! I think it's interesting that you included this caveat at the end of your post, however. Finances are clearly such a difficult thing to discuss. At the end of the day, I hope that writing ability is the #1 thing being measured by these programs (the craft of your WS, for instance, in my opinion is the best indication of whether you fit a program). When these schools do consider grades/scholarships/work experience/etc, on some level there should be discussion about personal circumstances if those are lower (mental health issues, gap years, financial ability, military exp
  8. I'd also like to add that I think the inclusion of asking students about 'discriminatory experiences' on some of the applications I filled out seemed like a positive move by some graduate schools. Whether that discrimination be financial, age-ist, sexist, or relating to your sexuality/gender/ethnic identity, it was something that I thought was relevant and a good move. I didn't have to work full-time during my education (I worked full-time summers, and took the occasional shift during the year), but being able to discuss how that would have impacted my GPA is something that should be inclu
  9. I think this is a really taboo subject that we're talking about, but I'm glad that you brought this up for discussion. It's a great question, and a difficult one to ask. My own decision to apply to 6 programs was definitely limited by finances. However, I don't think that this means that somebody who applied for 10+ programs necessarily is rolling in the dough, as this thread I think is starting to suggest. We all have credit cards, extra jobs, the ability to take on debt - it's a personal decision as to how much extra cost we want to invest in this process. There's nothing wrong with a de
  10. OHHHHHHHHHHMYGOSH. CONGRATS!!!!! that's absolutely incredible!! (not surprising at all, since your SOP was GREAT - but still AWESOME!) EEK!
  11. Bahahah SO TRUE. +1 Also if this is hypervodka, I'm insanely excited for her. ON ANOTHER NOTE YOU DUMMIES POST HERE FIRST DAMMIT
  12. The final comment reads (in case anybody can't be bothered to scroll through the whole thing): "Other areas of humanities are also experiencing declines in the number of graduate applications they receive. Some departments even resorted to playing some moves with entry barriers. One hand, there was Rutgers, who extended the deadline for English PhD apps from Dec. 15 to Dec. 22 although the two-part application system, where the applicant first enters personal information and then waits 24 hours for the ability to upload supporting materials, may have played a part in this and, on the other han
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