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  1. Hi all, I made a thread a few weeks back about the Counseling program at BU and got some good feedback. I am currently deciding between there and Columbia, and was wondering if anyone had any insight into comparing these two schools. In dire need since I gave in two deposits! Thanks
  2. @dancedementia Thanks for your input! I'm actually going for my Masters, not Doctorate so I don't have a POI. I am going towards the school counseling track. I also see your program is of Higher Education, and I am hoping to be able to go into Higher Education with my Masters in Counseling. I'm currently between Teachers College at Columbia and BU. @sackofcrap Thanks so much for your input! I'm deciding between Teachers College and BU still, just hoping that a job along with the program will make my decision for me.
  3. Whelp I've never worked full time so have little money and only got $5,000 Goodbye, Harvard?
  4. Thanks, Heather! Guess I'll get more of the vibe on Accepted Students Day
  5. Just out of curiosity-off topic from financial aid-is anyone on this thread fresh out of undergrad? I am and wondering where I'm going to be fitting into the community if I accept.
  6. I've been accepted to a multitude of schools, and right now am between Boston University, Harvard and Columbia. BU gave a generous package, and I am likely going to obtain a GA. I have not heard about funding from Harvard. For any current BU Counseling students out there-what are the best/worst parts of your program? Coming from a non-psych background, I don't have much support with choosing schools. I'm doing my emphasis in school counseling, and I love the research professors are doing and the positive psych/strengths emphasis. I'm just not sure what the job outlook is, and a little wor
  7. Received the same award. Although I can commute from home which may make a difference! I'm hoping for what everyone's saying in that maybe it means more need-based awards later. Anyone know if they award need-based scholarships? Or just merit-based? I know mine is merit-based. P.S. All this info has been super helpful! Thanks all!
  8. Just got my acceptance to Columbia! Holy cannoli!! Check the website, they hadn't emailed me but I had a hunch
  9. I'm going to be at the Monday, April 4th Open House!
  10. Hi all! Haven't found out decision yet, but I applied to Counseling Psych (school strand). Anyone else in this boat?
  11. Just got accepted to Prevention Science and Practice!! Anyone else for PSP?! (Future counselor hopefully!)
  12. Hi there! I'm not sure what the class size is, but I am also waiting to hear back. During my interview, they stated they would send out decisions 2nd week of March, possibly the 3rd week. So we're good so far! Good luck!
  13. Thanks so much! This helped a ton, especially because I'm having a lot of trouble picking a top school
  14. Hi all, I have an interview upcoming for an EdM in Counseling Psych. I want to make sure that I have the right questions to ask at the end to also make sure the program is right for me. What kind of questions should I ask?? If you have any suggestions as to what I'll be asked as well, that'd be much appreciated!
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