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    * Post-Bellum, Pre-Harlem Literature; African American Social Identity, Abject Blackness, “Othering,” Dialectal Representation in Literature
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  1. Hi, y'all. It's been quite some time since I last posted on here, but I'm writing today on behalf of my significant other. She's interested in nineteenth century Latin American art and is currently pursuing her MA in the same field. We're interested in any feedback that you might have about strong Ph.D. programs where she could continue to conduct similar work. We have already looked at Chicago, UT Austin, Tulane U, etc. and found them to be concurrently very similar and very different from one another in a variety of ways, viz. coursework, funding, faculty members in the same field, library s
  2. I'm going to second that suggestion. Firstly, Tulane University has an extremely strong faculty in Anthropology and Linguistics, many of whom focus on Meso-America. Secondly, New Orleans is unlike any place I've ever lived before.
  3. Exactly right! We're very interdisciplinary, and there's a wide variety of interests reflected by our graduate students (as I'm sure you saw on the website). New Orleans is a fantastic place to live. If you have any questions about the program, the university, or the city, feel free to drop me a PM!
  4. It looks like most of your questions have been answered, so I'll just make my usual offer to look at the SOP and/or writing sample. By the way, we have a very good program at Tulane University and only admit students who are fully funded. We have a nice mix of domestic and international students, and applicants can be accepted straight from undergrad (like me). Good luck!
  5. When I edited mine for this year's application round, I only made changes to the project. In fact, I found that my project was a lot more clearly articulated this time around; consequently, it could very well be the project or the way it was worded, among a variety of other possibilities.
  6. I don't mean to eschew the conversation taking place about notifications, but I'm wondering if anyone here is going to be leaving behind a significant other for the duration of the Fulbright. If so, what is your plan? If you've already done this and are simply checking out the thread, feedback would certainly be helpful! For my circumstances in particular, we're trying to save up some money to allow her to come over once or twice. Apart from that, Whatsapp seems to be the best bet for text/audio/video messages and international calling.
  7. I don't know anything about the rankings for your field; however, I do know a few students here at Tulane who study chemical engineering, and they absolutely love it. New Orleans is a great city to be in, and Tulane is a wonderful university.
  8. Hi, all! I applied for a Fulbright last year and was an Alternate. Upon reapplying this year, I was selected as a Fulbright ETA recipient. I just started a blog to keep track of the adventure, and my first post outlined my personal experience with the application process. In case you're interested in reading it, you can find it here.
  9. Hm, it might be best, then, to ask about the school in particular in a different section of the forum related to accounting/finance/economics. You will probably get a quicker response from more people already in similar programs.
  10. Did you also get a Fulbright? If so, you could always ask Rochester to defer your admission for a year.
  11. If you were an Alternate this year, do not despair! I was an A last year and replied this year, ultimately to be selected as a P. GOOD LUCK!!
  12. Firstly, I'd recommend posting this instead in next year's thread. Some of us still haven't received final notifications for the upcoming year, which is still the primary focus of this thread. Secondly, why would you apply to do an MA when you're currently working on a doctoral degree? That sounds counterproductive to me. In any case, I'd be glad to continue the conversation in the other thread if you take it there.
  13. Congratulations! What do you intend to investigate?
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