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  1. I got an unofficial acceptance letter with no interview from Georgetown (Sociolinguistics specialization) Dr. Schilling was the one who sent the email. After two weeks?, I received an official acceptance letter from the Graduate Dean. And today, I had a Skype meeting with Dr. Schiilling and Dr. Nycz and they said they just wanted to get to know me and my research interests more. The more we talked, the more I felt confident I would fit in perfectly. And they seemed very interested in my paper and my research interests. But..at the end of the meeting, I asked about a funding situation because I am currently being considered for a Departmental Assistantship Award, including tuition, stipend, and health insurance, and this decision will be made sometime in March. Dr. Schilling said they wanted to bring all the students that they are interested, but they have limited funding..so I am suddenly very worried about that.. I sort of assumed that I will receive the full-funding package because they were reaching out to me and considering me early (I got my acceptance letter on Feb 11th. So, I thought this is a good sign..)
  2. Thank you for the information!!!!
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