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  1. If you're interested, I might be able to help, at least with the constant refresh of the results page. I set up a little site which will send you an email, or, if you give a phone number on a carrier I support, a text message, within a minute whenever a new result is posted to the results page that matches the program(s) and/or schools(s) you're interested in. http://gradcafe.myscraper.net It's just a "quick and dirty" site, so don't expect anything pretty, but it gets the job done. Then you can just focus on all the OTHER sites you need to keep refreshing.
  2. Want to be alerted when new results are posted that match your search? Try my little app I built: http://www.littletheater.org/gradcafe/

  3. Feeling sympathetic pain for those receiving rejections

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