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  1. Well done! Now, can I have some luck please!
  2. Congrats to all! Now, go and celebrate!
  3. Current status: 0A/0W/0R This silence is....
  4. Aww, too bad they made no announcements about the extended deadline on their main webpage (or am I wrong?). If this is so, then those who were considering UBC but who missed the initial deadline would not even have known about the extended deadline.
  5. Where did you get this info?
  6. Saw this on their website though: "The deadline for September admission is January 9th, 2017...We typically start processing applicants’ dossiers before the application deadline."
  7. Hmm...I haven't seen any posts about UT Austin, Arizona, UVA, UCSD and Colorado-Boulder yet.
  8. Maybe because of funding? I've heard that it's notoriously difficult to get funding when it comes to UK programs but I might be wrong.
  9. Consumption of animal products.
  10. Is that your actual CAP on NUS' 5-point scale or did you convert it into a 4-point scale? If it's the latter, you really shouldn't be converting your CAP on your own; you should check out external agencies such as WES for conversion of grades (). Also, have you considered UK universities which are presumably more familiar with applications from Singapore?
  11. Seeing how most of the posters in the acceptance/reject/waitlist threads are mostly applicants from US colleges, I'm quite curious as to how are the international applicants faring in the current application season. For those of you who have received offers, how is the funding situation like? Looking forward to hear your replies.
  12. Firstly, how does one know whether one is philosophically mature for post-grad? Beyond the (presumably good) grades one receives for his/her undergraduate philosophy modules and polished writing sample, what is that extra element which marks his/her philosophical maturity? Secondly, wouldn't it be better to accumulate some life experiences first rather than diving straight into post-grad right in your early 20s? As the saying goes, "with age comes wisdom"... Any thoughts on this?
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