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  1. goss

    Venting Thread

    Recently I have been thinking that I may not want to rush into a graduate program, mainly because I am not sure if I want to become a professional philosopher. I am finishing my undergrad in a month and I think I will try to get a job outside of academia since I feel like I am not fully committed to graduate school. However, if after a year I do decide I want to attend graduate school, will the schools that accepted me this application season be more tentative to accept me since I turned down their offers this year?
  2. In case anyone is curious, this was the reply from Rochester regarding the status of my application: " Here's where things stand. We haven't made a final decision about your application. We have made a first round of offers, and we don't know yet whether they'll be accepted. We don't have a waitlist or a numerical ranking of the applicants to whom we haven't made offers at this stage." It went on into more personal detail which I safely assume translates to a rejection (based on the phrasing).
  3. Not what everyone here is waiting for presumably, but I just declined my offer of admission into the MA program at NIU. Hopefully someone else makes the best of that great opportunity!
  4. Also accepted to Georgia St. with full funding! (although I think all accepted applicants receive it) Congrats Hector549 as well!
  5. Rejection from Carnegie Mellon with an extremely pleasant email. If all departments were this cordial and friendly the philosophy field would be a better place!
  6. Yeah, the city can be pretty expensive sadly. I grew up in Chicago so I was kind of hopeful to go back home, although I definitely would not be opposed to attending NIU if I'm offered funding.
  7. Rejected from Illinois at Chicago, sadface.
  8. goss

    Venting Thread

    The results page was poppin' today, however it seemed like it was mostly rejections sadly. I haven't heard anything since NIU (MA) on 2/14 and the wait is killing me. Does anyone have any fun plans this weekend to make the waiting time go faster?
  9. goss

    Venting Thread

    What are implied rejections? Is that when you don't hear back from a school but they have already sent out a wave of acceptances?
  10. I haven't seen any results on the results page for UIC at all. I guess no one using GradCafe got a fellowship. So the expected date is February 23rd then for non-fellowships?
  11. Any ideas as to what is taking U. of Illinois at Chicago so long? It's nearly a month after the predicted date.
  12. goss

    Venting Thread

    I'm hoping Brown sends out a second wave of acceptances today so you can add another to the acceptance column.
  13. goss

    Venting Thread

    I think this is why I am leaning more towards completing a terminal MA first and then re-applying after (unless I get in somewhere this season). I'm finishing my undergraduate at a school that has a fantastic graduate program (Top 15 PGR), but the undergraduate program is just so-so when it comes to pedigree. I think an additional two years at a very highly ranked MA would make it much easier to get accepted into top PGR schools, plus having experience taking graduate level courses is never a bad thing.
  14. goss

    Venting Thread

    Do you think that applies to UConn as well? A majority of the posted results (2 of 4 maybe, I'm lazy) say that they were for a fellowship. Hopefully another wave of non-fellowship acceptances or waitlistings come soon!
  15. goss

    Venting Thread

    Today will be a great day guys! Don't forget to do some other activities to destress!
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