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  1. Thank you very much to the both of you! I decided to accept my offer from Cincinnati!
  2. Removed myself from the waitlists for Miami and UMass!
  3. Feel free to message me if you want some information/opinions on Cincinnati, Georgetown, Western Ontario, Memphis, Miami, or UMass!
  4. Best of luck to your friend! Feel free to message me if they have questions about the program. I learned a lot about the program at the open house!
  5. Declined a funded offer from Georgetown. I received the email about funding right when I was about to decline my offer.
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts on choosing between the University of Cincinnati's and the University of Miami's philosophy PhD programs, especially as a phil of mind person?
  7. Last year on March 4, I emailed them to ask about my application status. They responded on April 15 to tell me that I was rejected. To my knowledge, they don't contact rejected applicants unless they ask about their application status. I noticed that this year so far, some people who contacted UConn were told that they were waitlisted, and at least one person received a rejection email. Last week, I contacted UConn, but they haven't responded yet. Maybe I'm on a waitlist for the waitlist???
  8. Whoa, immediately after the interview! Congratulations!
  9. I also had a lot of awkward interactions. I think that's just me though. I suck at casual conversations. I often don't know what to say. I also don't say much at bars/restaurants when they're too loud and I can't hear what people are saying. I also stutter, which makes me reluctant to speak sometimes. Nonetheless, though I can't speak for everyone, I was very excited about the idea of working/hanging out with the other prospective students!
  10. I declined my offers from Western Ontario and Memphis. This was not an easy decision. Both programs seem great IMO. The students in both programs told me that their professors and classmates are very supportive.
  11. Oh no! Hopefully, you're on a hidden waitlist! I also noticed that in the past, South Florida has sent out acceptances sporadically.
  12. Declined my offer from South Florida. Good luck!
  13. Waitlisted at UMass Amherst! "I am happy to report that you are on our waiting list, and that, given past history, I think that there is a reasonable chance that you will receive a fellowship offer from us with full funding." I'll take it! This is one of my top-choice schools!
  14. I declined my offer from Florida State, removed myself from the waitlist for Purdue, and will decline my offer from Georgia. Hope that helps someone.
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