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  1. Acceptance Thread

    Rescinded earlier acceptance.
  2. Acceptance Thread

    Just saw this now - I accepted the offer from Syracuse!
  3. Acceptance Thread

    Got admitted to Syracuse last week, and also to McGill on Monday - almost June!
  4. SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship/CGS Doctoral Scholarship 2017/2018

    I'm "downgrading" my CGS for a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship. Got admitted into Syracuse for the Fall. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist for a CGS, if that's how it works.
  5. SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship/CGS Doctoral Scholarship 2017/2018

    In Hamilton. Just won a CGS! 17/20. Totally shocked, but stoked!
  6. SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship/CGS Doctoral Scholarship 2017/2018

    Email from SSHRC that the results will be mailed out April 28th.
  7. Decision Thread

    Ended up accepting a last-minute offer from Purdue. Very sad to have turned down Tulane.
  8. Declining offers 2017

    Forgot to add: Declined Western. Did all of the first-rounders decline Western?
  9. Declining offers 2017

    Anybody declining Syracuse? Asking for a friend...
  10. Awkward Visits

    Philosophers are probably the most socially awkward sub-group, so I'd say you're in good company .
  11. Decision Thread

    My soon to be supervisor made me an offer I could not refuse - godfather style.
  12. Acceptance Thread

    My letters were from people on my M.A. committee at another institution.
  13. Acceptance Thread

    Thank you everyone! Now comes the hard part - telling my supervisor at my current PhD program that I'm leaving. Any suggestions?
  14. Acceptance Thread

    *mic drop*
  15. Acceptance Thread

    Very excited!!! Just had a Skype meeting with Oliver Sensen at Tulane. Will definitely be accepting my offer from them. We have exactly the same vision for my project, for me in the program, and ultimately career-wise afterwards. Hope this helps people on the waitlists at Western Ontario, Tennessee, Boston U, Syracuse, Purdue, and Baylor, although I don't know about my exact position on those waitlists. Very happy to have made a final decision and be done with the stress of this season! Thank you to everyone for their solidarity and support this season!