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  1. Ahhh! Sending positive vibes your way!
  2. I mean, realistically, I do have a really good offer from a school that I'm happy to go to. So, it's not as heartbreaking- I just want the closure.
  3. Oh, sorry to hear it. I'm assuming mine is coming soon, but I have no idea why they don't do them all at once... :/
  4. Oooh, well. I'll hold a tiny bit of hope. (It's so much better now that I have acceptance elsewhere so that would be nice from this school, but it doesn't make or break me.) Also: I have a glass of wine right now and it is glorious.
  5. Does anyone have any positive experiences with the "no news is good news" thing? One of the schools I applied to has acceptances, wait-lists, and rejections posted on the results... and I have no news... :/ Ughhhhh
  6. I mean, I know I didn't get into UCLA- but it seems people have got acceptances, wait-lists, and rejections? Did anyone here get a rejection from them? How/when did you hear about it? I've gotten no emails and when I log in to the website, it says that no decision has been made yet :/
  7. I do phonetics-phonology interface. I'm doing a masters degree in Canada at one of the better schools here. (My BA school was second tier.) I have a relatively prestigious Canadian MA level federal scholarship and two years of lab experience. I have two conference presentations and a publication in a small conference proceeding. My research fit wasn't 100% though. The location would have been awesome though because I want to work on west coast dialects and phonetic realizations and how they support phonological theory. UCLA was one of my top choices. UBC is second I think. I'm assu
  8. Well, I mean, one of my biggest fears was going to the US and then Trump getting elected and then everything being a mess. So, I guess that's not a concern anymore!
  9. Send me positive thoughts about getting good news from these schools~ I need it <3
  10. *sigh* that sucks. I'll console myself with saying that the fit wasn't good enough to justify moving to the States. Here's hoping for good news from the Canadian schools...
  11. Woke up to see someone's acceptance to UCLA. *sigh*
  12. No, I didn't apply there. And that's probably out of an unfair bias more than anything. (I really don't want to live in Alberta.) I hear decent enough things about it though and Canada does have funded MAs and UAlberta is one of the better ones for that.
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