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  1. Hey thank you so much for replying. At least I know now what areas to look at. I won't be having a car there, so I'll be completely dependent on the bus system. I'm not sure if right now is a good time for hunting apartments as most of the ads/posts are for summer subletting. But I'm panicking that I won't have a place to stay when I reach there. Are you from Rutgers as well?
  2. Hi everyone, I'll be joining Rutgers this Fall. I would like to stay near the New Brunswick campus. I'm not sure what areas to look at. And what could be the tentative rent in the areas. Also can you guys talk about how costly NJ is. My stipend is 25k before tax cut so I'm worried if I'll be able to make ends meet. P.s. I am an international student from India.
  3. I mailed them too. I was told that it will come down to the very last dates before they can know anything for sure. They're waiting on students with offers to decide, therefore haven't been able to move to the waitlist yet.
  4. Hi, I am also waiting on USC decisions. Did you contact them yet??
  5. I applied to UMass, Rutgers, USc, Arizona, UCLA.
  6. Yes I realised that. Hanging in there. Thanks lnik.
  7. I'm really low rn. I can't believe I couldn't get through any and I'm waitlisted for two. I thought I had plans if nothing worked out, but right now I can't deal with the situation and I can't envision the options as wdll. I feel like I should let it go, this PhD dream of mine. Two internships with good ass projects, At least in my country. Three presentations still now!!!! I keep falling short and I don't realise how. I feel like I've wasted all of my dad's money. I don't know what to do.
  8. Congratulations. Where else did u apply though?
  9. Hi has anyone heard from any of the Universities..???
  10. Hi did anyone get an interview call from the unis they applied to?? My friend got calls from SUNY and Yale. P.s. anxiety is killing me.
  11. Hey, new member here. But have been a silent GC trawler for months. So my interests are mostly Syntax and its interfaces with typology and also psycholinguistics. I'm an international applicant. I'm applying to UCLA, USC, RUTGERS, UMASS, ARIZONA. Pretty nervous right now.
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