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  1. ehm (original post is in Nov.2018) I'm still hoping for a reply (lol Feb2020)
  2. I agree the quant section in the GRE seems to be getting harder than a couple of years ago.
  3. Thank you! That was a very helpful overview.
  4. Hi I was wondering if you could tell us a little background about you...Did you study linguistics or computer science as an undergrad? Did you have some experience in the field before applying for a Master's in compling?
  5. You can write a conference paper and participate in some local student-friendly conferences . That way you'll be better prepared to apply to a Phd program next year.
  6. I was checking some of the courses in the Computational Linguistics program at Syracuse and I'm still unsure what math/computer science background they require before starting the program. I didn't find any programming or statistics courses offered as requirement. Do they assume certain background/ prior skills for incoming students?
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